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Healthier Wisconsin Partnership Program Funding Opportunities


Supporting Wisconsin-based, multi-sector, community/MCW academic coalitions or networks to work together to translate public health data and evidence into actions to pursue grassroots policy, environmental or systems change (changing the regulations, rules, priorities, protocols or practices within and across organizations and communities; changing the physical or material components of the community environment) that address the key determinants that most strongly influence health.

Successful projects will demonstrate an appropriate budget and timeframe for their proposed scope of work. Approximately $1M - $1.5M is available to support 4-6 projects.

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Capacity Building

Providing opportunities for AHW and our stakeholders to drive change forward through discovery of valuable tools and resources, convening networks of innovators through online and face-to-face interactions, and igniting game-changer solutions through collaborative competitions.  The Capacity Building component is designed to go beyond simply providing funding and to be a catalyst for synergistic partnerships with the potential for designing real change.

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Investments in targeted health priorities with identified, measurable outcomes.

Additional information will be posted soon.
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