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All available funds for fiscal year 2017 (July 1, 2016 – June 30, 2017) have been awarded. However, a new allocation will be available beginning July 1, 2017. We encourage your partners to contact us to discuss your ideas and begin working on the Change Incubator application to be ready to apply beginning in July! Please contract Tracy Wilson, Program Officer, at trwilson@mcw.edu or 414-955-4364 to discuss your ideas and the Change Incubator funding opportunity in more detail.

Change Incubator Funding (PDF) aims to invest in community-based partnerships to overcome challenges and increase their readiness for and effectiveness in carrying out larger community health improvement initiatives. Funding will support groups of applicants representing diverse organizations and perspectives to collaborate on infrastructure development, action planning and partnership development to jumpstart the collaborative planning, implementation, evaluation, dissemination and sustainability processes of a community health improvement initiative.

There are three Change Incubator Funding focus areas:

  1. Partnership Development and Action Planning – funding to support the development and initial infrastructure and action planning of new health-related partnerships, coalitions or networks
    Examples of fundable projects:
  • Form a new partnership, including engaging key partners, developing a common agenda and collaborative goals and executing partnership agreements to guide the group as it moves forward
  • Engage new partners and develop an action plan for a new community health improvement initiative
  1. Strategic Planning and Partnership Growth and Sustainability – funding to support existing partnerships to continue to grow as a group and engage new partners, develop detailed strategic plans to sustain the partnership, and collaboratively engage in community health improvement initiatives
    Examples of fundable projects:
  • Develop an action plan to implement a new or revised community health improvement initiative
  • Develop an evaluation, communications, and/or sustainability plan for an existing or new community health improvement initiative
  1. Communicating your Impact – funding to support partnerships to strengthen communication skills and form comprehensive communication plans and materials to effectively tell their story, demonstrate their impact and drive the initiative forward to increase awareness and support for next steps
    Examples of fundable projects:
  • Develop a communication plan and materials to tell your partnership’s impact story, increase awareness for the initiative and move towards replication and expansion
  • Create a marketing video or other product to support increased awareness of and support for an existing community health improvement initiative
  • Plan and host a community forum or event to gather community input to drive the initiative forward and to explore opportunities to build partnerships and support around next steps

All proposed projects must result in an end product to guide the partnership moving forward and to share with HWPP as a key outcome of the investment. Change Incubator Funding projects can apply for up to $10,000 in funding support and should aim to be conducted over a 6-12 month period.

**Informed by the Meyer Foundation Capacity-Building Grants and The Nonprofit Partnership Capacity-Building Grants

For information on previously funded HWPP Change Incubator projects, please see the Healthier Wisconsin Partnership Program Funded Awards

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  Who can apply?

Change Incubator Funding is intended to support community and academic stakeholders engaged in partnerships focused on improving health in communities throughout Wisconsin. Eligibility requirements include:

  • Applications must be submitted by a partnership of at least two Wisconsin-based, health-related entities representing diverse organizations and perspectives invested in improving the health of Wisconsin communities
  • Partnerships can be new or existing
  • Partnerships do not require an MCW academic partner, but may be included as appropriate
  • One partner must be a Wisconsin-based, non-profit, IRS tax exempt 501(c)3 or government organization, have an EIN number, and have the capacity to serve as the fiscal agent for the partnership
  • Proposed project cannot be directly related to a current, active HWPP Responsive, Strategic or Legacy award
  • Applicants must be committed to partnership principles
  • Demonstrate capacity to leverage additional funding or in-kind support to build on and sustain the results of the Change Incubator Funding investment
  • Previous involvement with HWPP is not required; Priority will be given to partnerships who have engaged in an HWPP Capacity Building learning opportunity and are looking to build on that engagement
  What are allowable expenses for Change Incubator Funding?

Change Incubator Funding must be used for project-specific expenses and receive approval from HWPP for all expenses prior to incurring the cost. Funds can be used to support:

  • Consultant fees to facilitate the Change Incubator process
  • Supplies including general meeting materials and printing
  • Meeting expenses including facility rental fees and refreshments
  • Mileage and travel for partners to attend in-person meetings

Funds may not be used to support:

  • Personnel time (salary and fringe)
  • Reimbursement solely for grant proposal development
  • Indirect costs such as ongoing operating expenses of an organization’s routine functions and principal programs
  • Equipment or capital expenditures
  • Debt reduction
  • Entertainment or alcoholic beverages
  • Lobbying
  • Projects conducted outside of Wisconsin
  • Reimbursement solely for patient care or clinical service delivery
  • Funds cannot supplant existing funding resources

Please see the HWPP Guide for Costs for additional guidance, noting exceptions above.

  How does my partnership apply?

Change Incubator Funding requires a two-step application process.

  1. A written application using the HWPP-provided form must be submitted collaboratively by a group of at least two entities to HWPP at healthierwisconsin@mcw.edu. Application must include:
  • Contact information for the eligible partner organization that will serve as the fiscal agent for the project
  • Intended outcome of the proposed work (goal statement)
  • Description of partners participating on the project and their roles and commitment to the larger community health improvement initiative
  • Justification of the need for Change Incubator Funding, including how the proposed work will fit into a larger community health improvement initiative and is necessary to advance that larger effort to the next stages
  • Description of how the goal will be accomplished, including specific activities to be accomplished during the time period
  • Proposed timeframe and funding amount, including a detailed budget of what expenses HWPP funds would be used for and any additional funding/in-kind support available for the larger initiative and that could be used to move from planning to action

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the fiscal year with a quarterly cap on the total funds released. Applications that are submitted after the quarterly cap has been reached will be held for the next quarter for consideration of funding.

Upon receipt of an application, HWPP staff will conduct a technical review to ensure compliance with the following criteria:

  • Completed application per application instructions
  • Clear plan for the proposed timeframe that is realistic and has a clear and achievable end goal to be accomplished during the timeframe
  • Demonstrated existing or new collaboration between at least two eligible entities to carry out the proposed work
  • Demonstrated need for Change Incubator Funding, including how it serves to overcome a barrier in or increase readiness for a larger community health improvement initiative
  • Proposed budget that includes only allowable expenses and does not present any supplanting concerns
  1. Upon passing technical review, HWPP staff will conduct a pre-funding site visit with the applicant partners to discuss the proposal and address any questions that came up during the technical review as well as expectations and next steps if selected for funding.

Following the site visit, HWPP staff will make a funding recommendation to the MCW Consortium who will make the final funding decision. The recommendation may include funding the application as it was submitted, funding with recommended changes or not funding.

  If selected for funding, what are the reporting requirements?

Funded partners will be required to:

  1. Complete a contract with MCW prior to beginning the work.
  2. Submit quarterly invoices with supporting documentation for cost-reimbursement based on the approved budget.
  3. Complete quarterly progress updates as a partnership to demonstrate progress to date, successes/challenges and next steps. Progress updates will include HWPP evaluation materials, including partnership assessment, information on leveraged funds and opportunity for greater health impact due to the use of HWPP funds. Partners will be required to share any products developed, such as strategic plans, partner agreements and marketing materials, to serve as a demonstration of the immediate funding outcome and as examples for future applicants.
  4. HWPP staff will attend a subset of partnership meetings (once per quarter) to monitor the process and assist, as needed, with identifying qualified consultants, managing HWPP funds and processing payments and connecting partners to additional funding opportunities and resources.
  5. Following completion of the funding period, partners will be expected to remain in communication with HWPP staff for at least two years post-project to share long-term impact achieved that correlates to the funding opportunity.
  What if we have questions and would like to learn more about this opportunity?

For more information about the Change Incubator Funding opportunity or to discuss your application idea, please contact Tracy Wilson, HWPP Program Officer, at trwilson@mcw.edu or (414) 955-4364. We welcome and highly encourage your partnership to contact us to discuss your idea!

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Are the three focus areas mutually exclusive or can a partnership apply under more than one area?

No, the three focus areas are not mutually exclusive. HWPP understands that a proposed project may cross over among the focus areas. However, please keep in mind that Change Incubator Funding is meant for a partnership to overcome a specific hurdle in a larger initiative and must result in an end product to guide the project forward. Applicants are challenged to think about which focus area(s) their proposed project fits into and may select multiple areas, if appropriate.

  1. What if my partnership has an idea, but we aren’t sure if it fits this funding opportunity?

We highly encourage partnerships to contact us in advance of completing the application to discuss your idea and the funding opportunity. Please contact Tracy Wilson, HWPP Program Officer, at trwilson@mcw.edu or (414) 955-4364.

  1. How long does the application process take?

We aim to make the application process as streamlined as possible while still collecting adequate information from your partnership to meet all requirements and inform the funding decision. We strive to move applicants through the process as quickly as possible, although we advise applicants to anticipate a project start date no earlier than two months from the date of application submission.

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If you have any questions about the HWPP Capacity Building component, please contact Tracy Wilson at trwilson@mcw.edu or (414) 955-4364.



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