HWPP Responsive Component

Through a Call for Changemakers (PDF), the Responsive component will support Wisconsin-based organizations, local leaders and citizens to create strong, healthy neighborhoods and communities. Participants in the Call for Changemakers will demonstrate how a range of partners from multiple sectors can work together to pursue evidence based strategies around grassroots policy, systems and environment (PSE)  that address the key determinants that most strongly influence community health.

Successful projects will be awarded funds to support non-lobbying activities focused on either grassroots policysystems or environmental change (changing the regulations, rules, priorities, protocols or practices within and across organizations and communities; changing the physical or material components of the community environment) related to the key determinants of health. Increasing the scope and availability of existing community programs is not the primary goal of this funding, so applications must be clearly focused on a system change goal. Selected projects must demonstrate an appropriate level of funding and timeframe to accomplish the project scope.

For information on previously funded HWPP Responsive component projects, please see the Healthier Wisconsin Partnership Program Funded Awards.

Partnership Eligibility

Successful applicants will feature a multi-sector network of partners, including those not traditionally involved in health improvement efforts, with the necessary expertise to address grassroots policy, environmental or systems change in their communities. All projects must have one primary applicant organization that is a Wisconsin-based, non-profit, IRS tax exempt 501(c)3 or governmental organization and is responsible for the fiduciary and reporting requirements on behalf of the larger partnership.

All projects must also include formal partnership with an eligible MCW academic partner. Eligible academic partner(s) must be MCW full-time, part-time, or full professional effort status or eligible faculty teaching in the MCW Community Medical Education Program meeting specified criteria and serving a specific role on the project, with additional academic partners participating as needed. Please see the Call for Changemakers (PDF) RFP for additional eligibility criteria.

For assistance in identifying an eligible partner, please see the Faculty Collaboration Database and/or contact Maureen Busalacchi, Endowment Program Officer, at 414-955-4327 or mbusalacchi@mcw.edu.

Application Assistance

Application Resources

Please see the HWPP Application Resources section of the AHW website for additional information and tips to assist your partnership as you work on your submission.

HWPP Staff Technical Assistance

Applicants are encouraged to contact HWPP staff for assistance in identifying an eligible partner and discussing your partnership’s change idea and proposal submission. Please contact Maureen Busalacchi, Endowment Program Officer, at 414-955-4327 or mbusalacchi@mcw.edu.

How to Submit

To apply for funding, review the full Call for Changemakers (PDF) RFP and submit a Stage 1 Changemaker Brief Proposal via the online form. Stage 1 Changemaker Brief Proposal submissions are due by noon CST on January 8, 2016.

To assist the preparation of your application, your partnership may use the unlocked Word format of the application form (DOC) to collaboratively develop your proposal for online submission. NOTE - the form is provided only to support the collaborative work of your application. It will NOT be accepted as a submission.

Eligible submissions will be reviewed by a subcommittee of MCW Consortium members and external content experts based on a 9-point scale and criteria to assess alignment of proposals with the AHW Endowment’s Principles, the HWPP Community-Academic Partnership Model and criteria outlined in the Call for Changemakers.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about the HWPP Responsive component, please contact Maureen Busalacchi mbusalacchi@mcw.edu or 414-955-4327.

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