HWPP Strategic Component

The HWPP Strategic component seeks applicant communities interested in pursuing initiatives to improve the overall behavioral health of their designated community through changemaking efforts that:

  • are fresh and new or represent a novel application of an established idea;
  • challenge traditional thought and practice by seeing the problem—and/or the solution—through a different lens;
  • have the potential to radically—not incrementally—improve behavioral health in Wisconsin;
  • capitalize on the resources, expertise, and opportunities of local communities

Successful communities will be awarded funds to support activities for up to eight years, with funding divided into three phases. The first phase will include a twelve month funding period focused on planning for improving behavioral health of the specified community. These project plans will then be submitted to the MCW Consortium on Public and Community Health for review and consideration of a five-year implementation phase. The final phase will be a period focused on sustaining the behavioral health changes in existing systems, replicating the change in other Wisconsin communities, and broadly disseminating the communities’ learnings.

Scope and Scale

Approximately $15M will be available for up to 10 Community Partnerships over 8 years. The 8-year funding period will be divided into three phases:


Successful communities will demonstrate how a range of partners from multiple sectors in a community can work together to identify the major challenges to improving positive behavioral health and devise and carry out effective strategies that will lead to meaningful, impactful, and sustainable change.

Communities will be asked to work collaboratively and commit to developing and implementing projects of a significant scope and scale that achieve the following outcomes (specific indicators for each outcome will be collaboratively developed during Phase 1):

  1. Improved behavioral health
  2. Improved physical health of people with behavioral health disorders
  3. Improved behavioral health prevention and healthcare resources, including workforce development
More to come

Please stay tuned for additional details to be released in the following weeks and months.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about the HWPP Strategic component, please contact Tim Meister at tmeister@mcw.edu or 414-955-5886.

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