HWPP Strategic Component

Through the Healthier Wisconsin Partnership Program Strategic component, the AHW Endowment will invest in targeted health priorities to accomplish identified measurable outcomes. The MCW Consortium for Public and Community Health identifies health priorities, affected populations, and focus areas in order to maximize impact, utilize evidence-based resources and practices, and promote sustainability.

Focus on Community-Based Mental and Behavioral Health

Mental health, an emerging priority both nationally and statewide, is a state of well-being in which an individual realizes his or her own abilities and can cope with the normal stresses of life.

Behavioral health is a connection between our behaviors and the well-being of the body, mind, and spirit and can include behaviors such as substance abuse, tobacco use, eating habits, and exercise.

By focusing on these crucial health topics, the AHW Endowment will utilize the HWPP Strategic component to share knowledge, create partnerships, and develop initiatives that promote education, enhance prevention, and increase the prevalence of positive mental health.

Upcoming Presentations

Please join us for one of five presentations in late April 2015. HWPP staff members will present plans for the new initiative and create a space for attendees to offer input, ask questions and provide general feedback.

Learn more about April 2015 presentations and register >>


The Community-Based Mental and Behavioral Health topic will develop multiple options for approaches through the work of a Learning Community.

The Learning Community will consist of multi-sector community members who will participate in a series of learning, networking, and planning opportunities to inform the development of the funding component.

A Call for Partnerships will offer the opportunity to community-MCW academic partnerships to apply for funding to pilot the estimated three-to-five promising plans created by Learning Community participants.

A Collective Impact state-wide intervention will fund measurable changes in community-based mental and behavior health.

 Leadership Team

The Leadership Team for the Community-Based Mental and Behavioral Health focus will be led by HWPP staff and include:

Subject Matter Expert (SME) - HWPP will engage with a topic area expert who will provide knowledge, resources, research, and direction to the Learning Community. The SME is a key part of the process and will provide insight and experience in Community-based Mental and Behavioral Health settings, produce compelling content, and work with partners to ensure that the ideas, scope, and focus of their work are poised for success.

View the RFP >> (DOC)


Evaluator - HWPP will work with a professional evaluator to develop a comprehensive evaluation plan for HWPP’s Strategic focus on Community-based Mental and Behavioral Health. The evaluator will create an assessment of the Learning Community, an evaluation plan for the pilot projects, and an evaluation plan for the state-wide collective intervention.


Facilitator - HWPP will utilize the expertise of a professional facilitator who will conduct meetings and trainings, promote consensus, and ensure suitable progress is made towards achieving the objectives of HWPP’s Strategic focus on Community-based Mental and Behavioral Health.


This general timeline represents approximations for the initial, anticipated activities.

December 2014
Call for Subject Matter Expert, Evaluator, and Facilitator released

Winter to Spring 2015
Leadership Team engage in planning meetings

A series of community presentations held throughout Wisconsin

Develop Learning Community schedule of events

Spring to Summer 2015
Call for Learning Community team members released (approximately 20)

Learning Community activities (meetings, webinars, guest speakers, research briefs, etc.)

Fall 2015
Develop and submit plans for pilot projects

Late 2015
Through a competitive review, three-to-five pilot projects will be selected for advancement

January 1, 2016
Pilot projects begin

 Learning Community

The Learning Community is designed to encourage collaboration by bringing together interested partners to learn together, share knowledge, develop professional networks, and exchange ideas.  The series will challenge participants to:

  • Review current research and evidence
  • Identify available and needed resources
  • Define priorities
  • Identify potential partners
  • Design grassroots policy, programmatic, environmental, and systems changes necessary to improve health

The Learning Community will consist of several activities including events and webinars.  Team Members will be required to attend each event to maximize the experience and promote a robust exchange of knowledge.

It is anticipated that a request for Learning Community participants will be released in Spring 2015.

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