HWPP Strategic Component

The Healthier Wisconsin Partnership Program Strategic component is designed to catalyze health improvement in community-based mental and behavioral health.

By utilizing the assets of MCW’s community and academic partners, and also leveraging the AHW Endowment’s financial and non-financial resources, the component brings stakeholders together to work collaboratively and create solutions to improve mental and behavioral health in Wisconsin.

Community Forums

In April 2015, HWPP connected with more than 150 community stakeholders to engage in a dialogue regarding the opportunities and challenges in the field of mental and behavioral health. Participants identified current initiatives across the state, discussed successes and challenges within the mental health area, and expressed their perceptions of the most important priorities in mental and behavioral health. 

HWPP hosted nine community forums in April 2015:
  • Four Roundtable Conversations (funders, providers, advocates and youth-serving agencies)
  • Five Community forums (Milwaukee, Madison, Eau Claire, Green Bay and Wausau).
 Participant Priorities
Participants identified a range of top priorities, including: 
  1. Improve low reimbursement rates for direct services
  2. Build capacity of frontline providers through education and support
  3. Policy changes
  4. Cross-agency collaboration of services to meet multiple needs and issues within a community
  5. Develop and sustain peer relationships providing support, mentoring, cross collaboration
  6. Prevention of mental illness, including:
    a. Family and community prevention
    b. Early intervention--birth to school age
    c. Suicide prevention (teens, vets, middle age, and geriatric)
    d. School age
    e. De-escalation of violence and increasing resiliency
  7. Development of a navigator and/or community based resource center that provides access, coordination and communication between agencies, and the development of a network of best practices
  8. Stigma of mental health
 Next Steps
  1. Determine priorities and set goals – HWPP will continue to engage with stakeholder groups to help identify a common set of priorities that this initiative will address.
  2. Call for Community Changemakers – HWPP will release an RFP soliciting community teams to address the identified set of outcomes/priorities in their communities. A Learning Community of the teams will be designed to encourage collaboration by bringing together interested partners to learn together, share knowledge, develop professional networks, and exchange ideas. 
Contact Us

If you have any questions about the HWPP Strategic component, please contact Tim Meister at tmeister@mcw.edu or 414-955-5886.

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