HWPP Strategic Component

The HWPP Strategic component seeks applicants that are interested in pursuing initiatives to improve the overall behavioral health of their designated community. Behavioral health is the scientific study of the emotions, behaviors, and biology relating to a person’s mental well-being, their ability to function in everyday life, and their concept of self.  Through this focus area, HWPP will catalyze the sharing of knowledge, the creation of partnerships, and the development of initiatives that promote education, enhance prevention, and increase the prevalence of positive behavioral health.

Successful applicants will be awarded funds to support activities for up to eight years, with funding divided into three distinct phases. The first phase will include a twelve month funding period focused on planning for improving the behavioral health of the specified community. These project plans will then be submitted to the MCW Consortium on Public and Community Health for review and consideration of a five-year implementation phase. The final phase will be a period focused on sustaining the behavioral health changes in existing systems, replicating the change in other Wisconsin communities, and broadly disseminating the communities’ learnings. Each phase will be considered a distinct funding period and funding is not guaranteed for all 8 years of the initiative.

Approximately $15M will be available for up to 10 Community Partnerships over 8 years. The 8-year funding period will be divided into three phases:

HWPP Strategic Component

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Applicants will demonstrate how a range of partners from multiple sectors in a community can work together to identify the major challenges to improving positive behavioral health and devise and carry out effective strategies that will lead to meaningful, impactful, and sustainable change.

Applicants will be asked to work collaboratively and commit to developing and implementing projects of a significant scope and scale that achieve the following outcomes (specific indicators for each outcome will be collaboratively developed during the Learning Community in Phase 1):

  1. Improved behavioral health
  2. Improved physical health of people with behavioral health disorders
  3. Improved behavioral health prevention and healthcare resources, including workforce development
  Community Coalition Eligibility

Successful applicants will feature a multi-sector network of partners, including those not traditionally involved in health improvement efforts, with the necessary expertise, resources, and dedication to addresses complex problems in their respective communities. All Community Coalitions must have one primary applicant organization that is a Wisconsin-based, non-profit, IRS tax exempt 501(c)3 or governmental organization and is responsible for the fiduciary and reporting requirements on behalf of the larger partnership.

Preference will be given to those applications that clearly feature a true coalition of community organizations working together to advance the health of their local community. HWPP may request that multiple applications that appear to simultaneously focus on the same community work together to submit a joint application. HWPP recommends that you contact the Program Officer with any related questions or concerns and to determine if other applications from your community are being considered.

Applications were due February 1, 2016.  Download the RFP (PDF) to view the document.

Eligible submissions for the component's funding opportunity will be reviewed by the MCW Consortium members (PDF).

  MCW Partner Team Eligibility

Recognizing the premise that broad, multi-sector partnerships are needed to maximize impact as well as HWPP’s historical promotion of the Community-Academic Partnership Model, each Community Coalition will be augmented by the participation of the MCW-Partner Team.

The MCW-Partner Team will consist of one or more eligible MCW faculty members and staff with expertise in the field of behavioral and/or community health. The primary responsibilities of the academic partner(s) include providing evaluation support, subject-matter expertise, access to relevant research and literature, supporting and/or leading dissemination efforts, and will serve to connect the project partners to the range of resources, services, and expertise offered through MCW.

Applications were due February 1, 2016.  Download the RFP (PDF) to view the document.

Eligible submissions for the component's second funding opportunity will be reviewed by a subcommittee of MCW Consortium members (PDF).

  Application Assistance

Interested parties are strongly encouraged to contact the HWPP Program Officer to discuss ideas for this funding opportunity prior to submission. Please contact Tim Meister in the HWPP office at (414) 955-5886 or tmeister@mcw.edu

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If you have any questions about the HWPP Strategic component, please contact Tim Meister at tmeister@mcw.edu or (414) 955-5886.