Healthier Cumberland Coalition

Project Overview (PDF)

1st Funding Cycle Planning Award

     Project Start Date:    April 1, 2005
     Project End Date:      March 31, 2006
     Award Amount:          $24,758

Project Goal Statement: The Healthier Cumberland Coalition works to address health improvement in the Cumberland area by fostering healthy eating habits, increased physical activity, and improved levels of fitness.  This project aims to develop a school-based program to address nutrition and fitness for children and their families with the long-term goal of reducing the incidence of overweight and obesity.

Community Partners:

Primary Community Partner: Augustana Lutheran Church
Additional Community Partner Organization Names:

  • Cumberland Health Coalition
  • Cumberland Memorial Hospital & Extended Care Unit, Inc.
  • Cumberland School District
Academic Partner:

Primary Academic Partner: Jane Kotchen, MD, Health Policy Institute

Project Progress Summary Reports:

Project Progress Report Summary April 2005 - March 2006 (PDF)
Project Final Report Summary (PDF)

Affiliated Web Pages:

Augustana Lutheran Church
Cumberland Memorial Hospital & Extended Care Unit, Inc.
Cumberland School District

Project Dissemination Efforts (as reported by project partners)
  • Outreach Materials
    • Developed posters, flyers, brochures, news releases to local papers, and newspaper ads and were featured in school newsletters/websites to promote the Cumberland Fitness Challenge
  • Presentations
    • Presented a series of health presentations featuring local health professionals to support and encourage increased physical activity

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