2006 Funded Partnership Awards

The Healthier Wisconsin Partnership Program provided funding awards totaling $6,060,692 for 25 community-medical school partnerships in two categories:

Development Awards - designed to support a range of health promotion or health-related prevention project ideas, including, but not limited to: planning or evaluation activities of a project or partnership, pilot project feasibility testing or implementation of a project, limited to up to $50,000 per award. 13 Development proposals received funding awards totaling $674,415.

Impact Awards - designed to support a range of project ideas, including but not limited to: implementation of a health promotion or health-related prevention project, program and / or partnership with significant impact; or, implementation of capacity building strategies that will have significant impact on a health-related organization, sector, or system, limited to up to $450,000 per award. 12 Impact proposals received funding awards totaling $5,386,277.

The response generated by this second Request for Proposals (RFP) was strong, with over 300 community and Medical College of Wisconsin partners submitting 132 notices of intent with project ideas to develop strong community / medical school partnerships and impact residents throughout Wisconsin communities. Of these, 113 full proposals met technical eligibility and underwent competitive merit review by a National Review Panel and the MCW Consortium on Public and Community Health.

The projects award funding, as well as their community and academic partners, are listed below in alphabetical order. Click here for a PDF overview of the funded projects. For additional information on any of HWPP's funded projects, please complete the Information Request form

Click on any of the below titles for more information on the funded project.

Development Awards

     Arsenic in Wisconsin's Residential Drinking Water: Planning for Action

     Cognition and Outreach Service Delivery to Aging Seniors

     Community Mobilization Initiative Addressing Disparities in STDs and Unintended Pregnancies

     Developing Strategies: Improving the Health of LGBT People of Color

     Elder Health Upholders

     Healthy Teeth = Healthy Kids

     Integrating Peer Support Throughout the Behavioral Health Continuum of Care

     NEW Leadership Wisconsin: Building Health Policy Leadership Capacity

     Northwest Wisconsin Falls Prevention Collaborative (NWFPC)

     Saber Para La Gente / Knowledge For The People

     Safety Starts at Home

     Strengthening Public Health Policymaking for a Healthier Milwaukee

     The Wisconsin Center for Health Communication: Pathways to Implement

Impact Awards

     Building Community Capacity: GAMP Chronic Disease Management Initiative

     Citywide Nutrition and Physical Activity for Urban Children & Families

     Community Connections to Promote Independent Living (CCPIL)

     Empowering Individuals to Improve Their Hypertension Control through Peer Support

     Family Risk Reduction Intervention With Female Juvenile Delinquents

     Fight Asthma Milwaukee Allies: Improving Access to Quality Asthma Care

     Healthier Cumberland

     Healthier Workforce 2009: Improving Health & Employability of Welfare-to-Work Participants

     Improving Access to Quality Dementia Care Services in Underserved Rural Wisconsin

     Milwaukee Cares

     Milwaukee Kids: Drive Me Safely-Drive for Health

     Strong Rural Communities Initiative (SRCI)

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