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The Advancing a Healthier Wisconsin Endowment periodically highlights some of the great work that is being done by funded awards to improve the health of Wisconsin residents. The below listing reflects awards that were previously highlighted in our Spotlight Stories.

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  Making Diabetes Manageable

More than 19,000 adults in Waukesha County live with diabetes. Approximately 100,000 more are predicted to be at-risk for developing diabetes, which indicates that a person is likely to become diabetic within 10 years based on risk factors like body weight, inactivity, age and family history.

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  Personalizing Pancreatic Cancer Treatment

By using the latest breakthroughs in personalized medicine, a Medical College of Wisconsin research team is testing a new approach with the potential to better treat this complex cancer.

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  Building Wellness in Barron County

A collaborative effort by the Medical College of Wisconsin and dozens of partners in Barron County, located in northwestern Wisconsin, is working to increase healthy eating and physical activity.

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  Creating an Accountable Care System for Uninsured Populations

The Specialty Access for the Uninsured Program pairs Milwaukee County health systems and their affiliated specialists, with area safety net clinics to provide managed access to specialty care for low-income, uninsured individuals.

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  Dryhootch-MCW partnership serves veterans

The current success of a long-standing partnership between a veteran-serving agency and Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW) faculty members Jeffrey Whittle, MD, and Zeno Franco, PhD, began with a shared vision.

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  New Molecules Show Promise in Melanoma and Psoriasis

Featured in the 2012-2013 AHW Endowment Annual Report, this article described studies of new molecules designed to delay or prevent the spread of cancer and the progression of psoriasis.

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  Sustaining Health in the Home

Community-academic partnership involves churches, nurses, physicians, friends and family in effort to prevent common causes of hospitalization for older adults.

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  School Nurses are Key to Better Student Health

Each weekday, Wisconsin school nurses are charged with the health of the state’s school-age youth. School nurses embrace this responsibility and have consistently sought to improve school health services to meet a rising demand.

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  Changing Minds, Changing Lives

In 2005 and 2006, Kenosha County residents and leaders realized that their community needed to provide better support for those considering suicide. During those years, the county reviewed injury data which placed suicide as a top concern, and also suffered a tragic bump in teen suicides.

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  Meeting Future Health Needs Now

Peter Layde, MD, MSc, knew that Wisconsin faced a coming shortage of health care and public health workers. Through a 2007 Healthier Wisconsin Partnership Program (HWPP) project, he collaborated with the Wisconsin Public Health Association to organize a public health summit.

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  Making Medicine Accessible

Fortunately, as a patient at the Bread of Healing Clinic, Ray was able to access the Community MedShare Prescription Assistance Project, which was funded by the Healthier Wisconsin Partnership Program (HWPP), a component of the Advancing a Healthier Wisconsin endowment at the Medical College of Wisconsin, in 2011 to help thousands of working and uninsured Milwaukee residents obtain free or low-cost medication.

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  Healing Together

La Causa , Inc. received funding from the Healthier Wisconsin Partnership Program in 2009 to implement a school-based mental health program focused on helping students deal with the serious traumas they had experienced in their young lives.

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  Caring for the Caregiver

The United Latino Caregivers project is providing better support for caregivers through a program delivered in the home and through a series of workshops. The project partners received funding from the Healthier Wisconsin Partnership Program in 2012 to develop and pilot their new approach.

Read more about Caring for the Caregiver >>

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