Allergy, Asthma and Clinical Immunology

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Clinical Immunodiagnostic and Research Laboratory (CIRL)

Frequently asked Questions

 Which test is appropriate to order for the patient's condition?

See the Support Resources page.

 How do I submit a sample?

See the Specimen Transport Guide and the Test Requisition Form.

 How are results reported?

The final laboratory report is furnished to the referring laboratory by use of fax transmission.  Providing an accurate fax number within the Institution Contact section on the "Test Requisition Form" is of utmost importance for successful communication of final results.

 Who do I contact on the status of laboratory results?

For general information, please contact the main laboratory at (414) 955-4165. Fax inquiries can be sent to (414) 955-6487.

 How do I obtain a consultation of results; What do these results mean?

See the Support Resources page.

 What CPT codes are applied for these tests?

See the Test Description Overview page.

 What antigens are investigated within a specified test?

See the Test Description Overview page.

 How long does it take to get final results? What is the turnaround time?

Typical turnaround time for tests are provided within the Specimen Transport Guide.

 Who pays for these tests?

Our laboratory does not bill third parties (e.g. insurance companies).  The referring laboratory is responsible for obtaining payment from third parties.  Our laboratory bills directly to referring laboratory for payment; therefore, please provide complete institutional billing information within the Institution Contact section on the "Test Requisition Form".

 Where does the carrier deliver the specimen?

See our Contact Us page.
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