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She'll be coming 'round the mountain - Alumna climbs to post as Denali Medical Director

March 10, 2010

As to the article about Jennifer Dow, and her presence in the Denali National Park, it was a fun read for me.I did not go to Marquette or the Medical College, but did spend time in a residency at the old Children's Hospital from 1953 to 1955, and of course was on the faculty at MCW for about 35 years. Before my Milwaukee time, I was a graduate of Ohio State College of Medicine in the 1st class after the war, and we were pushed through our Med Scchool time in a bit under 3 years. I was a March graduate in 1948, and after internship and a year of internal medicine residency in the Detroit area, I enlisted in the Air Force and during the Korean War, was sent to the 5005th USAF Hos[pital at Elmendorf AFB near Anchorage as an Internal Medicine officer. While there, I had a temporary assignment with the 10th Rescue Squadron there, and for abouit 3 months was also assigned to Mt. McKinley as MD for an R.and R. site for the Korean Troop survivors who were ill or injured.

It was a great experience for me. At the time, the only way to the Park Hdqts. where there was a small hotel and used by the Services, was by the Alaska Railroad. The hotel was about 50 miles from the base of Denali, and the Rangers, who were terrific, had no snowmobiles then, but wonderful animals, and sleds to do their traveling into the park, or by a small plane with skids. When there was a problem on Denali at high elevations, they called upon some bush pilots, that were well known for their heroic work. The most likely for very high altidudes was the president of the Univ. of Alaska in Fairbanks, and/or several very famous climbers who were available. There was no other direct medical care in the Park then. There was an Alaskan Native Service Physician settled in several areas, such as Nome, Fairbanks, Anchorage, or Juneau, Sitka,and Bethel but none as I recall in Denali.

The mountain was an amazing sight that stood in ausome splendor. looking over the past and present ages. I kind of envy Dr. Dow's experiences, and admire her present efforts, not only at the Park, but elsewhere in Alaska. Her comments brought back many wonderful memories for me.

Thanks for the fine article.

Bill Gallen, MD, GME '55, and former Faculty. 

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