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Theresa Camille Maatman, MD ’11

Theresa Camille Maatman, MD ’11If laughter is the best medicine, laughing about medicine is bound to have healing powers. Recent graduate Theresa Camille Maatman, MD ’11, found it served as a perfect stress reliever and creative outlet during her medical education.

Dr. Maatman began creating comic strips about her life as a medical student during her M1 and M2 years. She and a friend drew comics together for a humorous outlook on situations they encountered in the classroom and in the hospital.

A natural artist, Dr. Maatman taught herself the art of comic strips with a do-it-yourself book. She also gathered ideas from family and friends and began regularly creating original comics during her last two years of medical school.

“Ultimately, it gave me a better perspective on what I was doing and helped me to keep light hearted,” she said.

One of the comic strips she created is a series called “Getting Out Alive,” which wittily illustrates medical student life through amusing observations, clever comparisons and word play. Although a snapshot of medical education in the 21st Century, the subject matter is mostly timeless and likely to feel familiar to most medical alumni. Dr. Maatman credits her family and classmates for her ideas, in particular her friend Sheryl Uyeda, MD ’11.

Now beginning an internal medicine residency at Medical College of Wisconsin Affiliated Hospitals, Dr. Maatman hopes to continue creating comic strips, but fears lack of time may be an obstacle. Her future plans include the possibility of primary care practice, but she said she is keeping her options open.

“I really like treating adults, and I like the wide variety that internal medicine provides,” she said.

Dr. Maatman is from Manitowoc, Wis. She completed her undergraduate degree in microbiology from Michigan State University.

Alumni News will be regularly featuring comic strips from Dr. Maatman's series, "Getting Out Alive," in future issues of the magazine and online.










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walter keyes,1969
08-01-2011  12:41:35 PM

What a great idea! I think I will try it myself!

Maria I. Barrows, M.D.
07-28-2011  12:21:01 PM

As a 1949 grad of (former Marquette Medical School) I applaud your contributions and wish you well in the coming challenging years. Maria Weissenberg Barrows.

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