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Owing to his last name and the alphabetic conferral of diplomas, Herbert J. Zimmers, MD ’70, GME ’76, was the last medical student to receive his medical degree from the Marquette School of Medicine. The longtime Milwaukee physician made history again at the end of 2010, but this time of a personal nature. He retired on Dec. 31.

In 1967, Marquette University, due to financial constraints, terminated the sponsorship of its medical school, then called the Marquette University School of Medicine. The medical school subsequently became a free-standing institution named the Marquette School of Medicine. It wasn’t until 1970 that the name was officially changed to The Medical College of Wisconsin. Students graduating in 1971 were the first to receive Medical College of Wisconsin diplomas.

Herbert J. Zimmers, MD ’70, GME ’76, holds the last medical degree diploma issued by the Marquette School of Medicine.

Post-graduation, after serving three years in the U.S. Navy in California, Dr. Zimmers returned to Milwaukee, completed a radiology residency at St. Luke’s Hospital, and then served as a staff radiologist at St. Michael Hospital for 25 years. He then joined what is now Aurora Advanced Healthcare and worked there for 10 years.

Dr. Zimmers didn’t know at the time that he was the last person to cross the stage as a Marquette School of Medicine MD graduate, but said he is honored.

“I cherish my diploma from Marquette,” he said. “I’m glad it had the Marquette name on it.”







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