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As the building blocks of its campuses in Green Bay and Central Wisconsin take hold, the Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW) is listening to knowledgeable voices in the community to construct its innovative medical education programs. Through service on their regions’ respective community advisory boards, two Alumni Association representatives are lending their considerable expertise and insight to the effort.

Steven C. Bergin, MD ’74, GME ’78Steven C. Bergin, MD ’74, GME ’78, joined the MCW-Central Wisconsin community advisory board to support MCW’s initiative to address the existing and expanding primary care physician shortage in Wisconsin. He is an obstetrician and gynecologist who practices in Stevens Point with Aspirus OB/GYN Associates.

“I am a proud alumnus and a strong supporter of MCW’s mission and vision for the citizens of the state,” Dr. Bergin said. “Since completing my training, I’ve had the pleasure of observing my alma mater become a premier medical school. When approached and after reviewing the venture proposal, I could not refuse as I saw this as an exciting opportunity to contribute.”

Working with partners in Central Wisconsin and Green Bay, MCW is developing new medical education campuses to enable and encourage more physicians to receive their training and remain in Northeast and Central Wisconsin to practice. Target start dates for the first class of medical students are summer 2015 for MCW-Green Bay and summer 2016 for MCW-Central Wisconsin.

Dr. Bergin’s significant history in the region and his experience championing MCW – he was President of the Medical College of Wisconsin/Marquette Medical Alumni Association in 2010-11 and continues to serve on its board – provide great value to the community advisory board.

“My 36 years of practice experience allows me to reflect and relate the historical evolution of health care delivery in Central Wisconsin,” he said. “Understanding the changing face of the practice of medicine and the community response is important as we undertake this bold initiative.”

Frederic Schmidt, MD ’83, GME ’88Frederic “Fritz” Schmidt, MD ’83, GME ’88, has substantial ties to Northeast Wisconsin, which makes his perspective on the MCW-Green Bay community advisory board equally well-respected. He was born and raised in Green Bay, and his family has more than 100 years of medical practice history in the region.

“I felt this a highly worthy cause and felt, who better to contribute?” Dr. Schmidt said. “I have served in a leadership capacity at all three of the hospital organizations that are cooperating to bring this initiative to completion and believe I have a good feel for the workings of the community.”

An otolaryngologist at Northeast Wisconsin ENT, Dr. Schmidt brings a practicing physician’s viewpoint to the board and ideas for the integration of students into the clinical work environment of local doctors. He also serves on the Alumni Association Board and sees merit in the expansion of medical education in Wisconsin.
“I believe it will give qualified candidates the chance to focus on their development into a top notch primary care provider, something we as a country will certainly need soon and into the future,” he said. “That is the strong goal of the Green Bay campus.”

Dr. Bergin predicts 2014 will be extremely busy for the MCW-Central Wisconsin community advisory board as members focus on faculty development, program accreditation, the admissions process, fundraising and the search for a campus dean.

On Jan. 1, Matthew L. Hunsaker, MD, became Campus Dean for MCW-Green Bay. He previously served as Director of the Rural Medical Education Program and Associate Professor, Tenured, Department of Family and Community Medicine at the University of Illinois College of Medicine at Rockford.

MCW leaders and partners in Green Bay and Central Wisconsin continue to make progress in the areas of curriculum development, faculty and student recruitment and development, facilities, and graduate medical education for the new campuses.

Additional alumni service

Other alumni serving on a community advisory board as representatives for their respective organizations include:

Green Bay
Michael Erdmann, MD, GME ’86
Craig Hanke, PhD ’00
Jon Lehrmann, MD ’90, GME ’94
Ed Millermaier, MD’83, MBA
Paul Pritchard, MD ’96, GME ’99

Central Wisconsin
Daniel McCarty, PhD, MS ’90


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