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Michael Boswell, M2, wins overall first prize at regional anesthesiology conference

April 22 - Michael R. Boswell, M-2, was awarded the Foundation for Anesthesia Education and Research (FAER) International Anesthesia Research Society (IARS) overall first prize at the annual Midwest Anesthesia Residents Conference in Minneapolis

MCW Professors Drs. Camara, Kwok, and Stowe Awarded $650,000 VA Merit

Feb. 15 - MCW Professors of Anesthesiology Dr. Amadou K.S. Camara, PhD, Dr. Wei-Meng Kwok, PhD, and Dr. David Stowe MD, PhD, have been awarded a $650,000 merit from the Veterans Affairs Biomedical Laboratory Research and Development/Clinic Science Research and Development Merit Review Program.

Pain Medicine Fellowship Awarded 2016 Pain Medicine Fellowship Excellence Award

Jan. 18 - Dr. Meredith Adams received the “2016 Pain Medicine Fellowship Excellence Award” from the premier pain society, American Academy of Pain Medicine.

Dr. Meredith Adams receives FAER grant to develop and study a pain educational app for millennial learners

Dec. 9 - Creation and Validation of an Anesthesiology Pain Educational App: Delivering ABA Pain Content to the Millennial Learner

MCW-Green Bay hosts Wisconsin Attorney General for “Dose of Reality” announcement

Sept. 22 - MCW-Green Bay hosted Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel for the rolling out of “Dose of Reality,” a statewide public awareness campaign designed to highlight the dangers of prescription drug abuse and encourage people to secure their medications and properly dispose of any unused drugs.

FreshGas Alumni Newsletter Summer 2015

July 2 - FreshGas Alumni Newsletter Summer 2015

Dr. Bosnjak Receives $9 Million NIH Grant

June 15 - Dr. Bosnjak Receives $9 Million NIH Grant to Study Susceptibility of Diabetic Hearts to Injury.

Great year for MCW at MARC

May 5 - MCW did extremely well at the Midwest Anesthesia Resident Conference that took place in Cleveland, Ohio, May 1-3, 2015.

Dr. Meredith Adams Featured by American Society of Anesthesiologists

Feb. 12 - Meredith Adams, MD, of the Medical College of Wisconsin, received a Research in Education Grant from FAER, a two-year $100,000 award, for her study, "Creation and Validation of an Anesthesiology Pain Education App: Delivering ABA Pain Content to the Millennial Learner."

New day off reporting tool for Anesthesiology Residency

New tool for MCW Anesthesiology Residency to submit sick days and request I-days

MCW announces Master of Science in Anesthesia, Anesthesiologist Assistant Program

Nov. 11 - The Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW) has announced a new, 28-month, Master of Science in Anesthesia – Anesthesiologist Assistant Program through its medical school on the Milwaukee campus. MCW is expected to be the first program in the state, and one of only 11 nationwide, to train anesthesiologist assistants, who will work under the direction of leading physician anesthesiologists after graduation.

Dr. Elizabeth Ellinas selected for national women’s executive leadership program

Nov. 9 - WauwatosaNow reports that Elizabeth Ellinas, MD, associate professor of anesthesiology and chief of obstetric anesthesia at the Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW), has been selected to participate in the 2015-2016 Hedwig van Ameringen Executive Leadership in Academic Medicine® (ELAM) Program for Women. Wauwatosa Now

Dr. El-Orbany Finds “High Sniffing” Head Position Produces Better Laryngeal Views

July 20 - Anesthesiology News reports on a study by Dr. Mohammed El-Orbany (Anesthesiology) that found that by elevating a patient’s head to the “high sniffing” position before direct laryngoscopy may substantially increase the likelihood of obtaining a better laryngeal view. Anesthesiology News

Unique NIH Grant Provides Anesthesiology Research Training to Three Physicians

June 23 - Three MCW physicians will receive both clinical training and research support in Anesthesiology under a five-year, $960,651 NIH grant renewal. It is the nation’s only NIH grant that provides both physician training and integrated research. Dr. Judy Kersten (Anesthesiology; Pharmacology & Toxicology) will lead the project. Wauwatosa Now

MCW lands one-of-a-kind anesthesiology training grant

June 16 - Three physicians at the Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW) will receive both clinical training and research support in anesthesiology under a five-year grant renewal from the National Institutes of Health. Offered in the amount of $960,651, it is the only NIH grant in the nation that provides for both physician training and integrated research.

Dr. Hogan Wins Best Abstract Award from the International Neuromodulation Society

June 15 - An imaging study conducted by Dr. Quinn Hogan (Anesthesiology) on how pain therapy impacts the brain was one of five studies selected as “best abstract” winners by the International Neuromodulation Society. The study, using functional magnetic resonance imaging, showed that parts of the brain’s “pain network” in rats are less activated when rats receive pain-relieving stimulation of the dorsal root ganglion, a structure at the edge of the spine. News Medical

Adolescents Being Recruited for Clinical Trial on Chronic Pain

June 5 - MCW and Children’s are recruiting adolescents for a study on chronic pain. The purpose of the study, led by Keri Hainsworth, PhD, (Anesthesiology), is to identify factors that are linked to inflammation and pain in adolescents. Waukesha Now

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