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1387  Sabina  Rabbit Polyclonal Anti-Human AMPD1 Recombinant Enzyme (isoform M)
1439  Sabina  Rabbit Polyclonal Anti-Human AMPD2 Recombinant Enzyme (isoform L) 
1440  Sabina  Rabbit Polyclonal Anti-Human AMPD3 Recombinant Enzyme (isoform E)
1441  Sabina  Rabbit Polyclonal Anti-Arabidopsis AMP Deaminase Recombinant Enzyme (AtAMPD)
1388  Baldwin  Mouse Monoclonal Anti-Botulinum Neurotoxin Type A Light Chain
1390  Kurup  Rabbit polyclonal Anti-Aspergillus fumigatus Fungal Protein
1391  Kurup  Rabbit Polyclonal Anti-Pigeon Proteins Associated with Pigeon Breeder's Disease and Other Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis
1392  Kurup  Rabbit Polyclonal Anti-Saccharopolyspora faeni 
1393  Kurup  Mouse Monoclonal Anti-Recombinant Major Allergen of Aspergillus fumigatus (Asp f2)
1394  Kurup  Mouse Monoclonal Anti-HEV b3 (Latex Allergen Specific)
1444  Kurup  Rabbit Polyclonal Anti-Thermoactinomyces vulgaris
1445  Kurup  Rabbit Polyclonal Anti-T. candidus 
1446  Kurup  Rabbit Polyclonal Anti-Saccharomonospora viridis
1395  Long  Rabbit Polyclonal Anti-S. cerevisiae Protein She2p
1442  Long  Rabbit Polyclonal Anti-S. cerevisiae Protein She3p
1396  Becker  Mouse Monoclonal Anti-Idiotypic Rabbit Polyphenol or Condensed Tannin Haptens in Cigarette Smoke
1397  Kuhnmuench  Mouse Monoclonal Anti-B2E-Mimics Polyphenol Derivatized Protein Isolated from Cured Tobacco Leaves, Tobacco Glycoprotein (TGP)
1398  Hillery  Mouse Monoclonal Anti-Human Thrombospondin-1
1402  Kleinman/Wesson  Rabbit Polyclonal Anti-Mouse Osteopontin
1403  Kleinman/Wesson  Rabbit Polyclonal Anti-Human Recombinant GST Osteopontin
1404  Kleinman/Wesson  Chicken Polyclonal Anti-Aspartate (37kD polymer)
1405  Kleinman/Wesson  Chicken Polyclonal Anti-Glutamate (17kD polymer)
1408  Vasquez  Rabbit Polyclonal Anti-Human GTP Cyclohydrolase Feedback Regulatory Protein (GFRP)
1409  Traktman  Rabbit Polyclonal Anti-Vaccinia (Various)
1527  Grossberg  Mouse Monoclonal Anti-Human Interferon (IFN-beta)


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