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Datum is the Biostatistics newsletter Key Function of the Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI). Open an issue of Datum and you will find in-depth descriptions of featured databases, statistical articles, examples of our collaborative work, illustrations of statistical methods you can use in your research or in understanding the literature, information about useful Web sites...and more!

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Volume XXI No. 2 April / May 2015 (PDF)


All issues of Datum are available through this archive. Issues are posted as portable document format, or PDF, files. To read these files, you will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer.

 Datum Volume XXI - 2015

No. 1 Feb / March 2015 (PDF)
Adjusting the Sample Size During the Experiment, By: Aniko Szabo, PhD
Median Regression, By: Sergey Tarima, PhD
2015 Biostatistics Lecture Series

No. 2 Apr / May 2015 (PDF)
Incorrect Use of Chi-Square Test for Analyzing Time-To-Event Data, By: Ruta Brazauskas, PhD
The Importance of Being Correctly Condidtioned (and the Sally Clark Case), By: Anjishnu Banerjee, PhD

 Datum Volume XX - 2014

No. 3 Sept / Oct 2014 (PDF)
Measure of Observer Agreement, By: Kwang Woo Ahn, PhD
Bayesian vs. Classical Statistics, By Dr. Rodney Sparapani, PhD
2014-2015 Biostatistics Lecture Series
Biostatistics Drop-In Consulting Schedule

No. 2 April / May 2014 (PDF)
Association Test for Stratified Tables, By: Kwang Woo Ahn, PhD
What Biostatistics Can Do for You, By: Daniel Eastwood, MS
International Conference on Survival Analysis in Memory of J.P. Klein

No. 1 Feb / March 2014 (PDF)
SAS OnDemand for Research, By: Ruta Brazauskas, PhD
Database Basics By: Daniel Eastwood, MS
Upcoming Events

 Datum Volume XIX - 2013

No. 4 Nov/Dec 2013 (PDF)
ROC Curves and the C statistic
Longitudinal Studies: Design and Analysis Considerations
Upcoming Events

No 3. Sept/Oct 2013 (PDF)
Message from the Biostatistics Acting Director
BiostatisticsMCW YouTube Channel
2013-2014 Biostatistics Lecture Series
Biostatistics Drop-In Consulting Schedule
Estimation of Genetic Variance Components, By: Tao Wang, PhD

No 2. April/May 2013 (PDF)
Regression Splines, By: Aniko Szabo, PhD
Poisson Regression, By: Kwang Woo Ahn, PhD
BiostatisticsMCW YouTube Channel

No. 1 Feb/Mar 2013 (PDF)
Comparing Treatment Effect Using Adjusted Survival Curves, By: Mei-Jie Zhang, PhD
Automatic Regression Model Selection Procedures, By: Jessica Pruszynski, PhD
2012-2013 Biostatistics Lecture Series
Biostatistics Drop-In Consulting Schedule
BiostatisticsMCW YouTube Channel

 Datum Volume XVIII - 2012

No. 5 Nov/Dec 2012 (PDF)
Comparing Survival Curves vs. Comparing Survival Probabilities at a Fixed Time Point, By: Jennifer Le-Rademacher, PhD
Interpreting Tables, By: Ruta Brazauskas, PhD
Biostatistics Drop-In Consulting Schedule
2012-2013 Lecture SeriesBiostatisticsMCW YouTube Channel

No. 4 Sept/Oct 2012 (PDF)
Simple Statistics for Reliability and Agreement, By: Dan Eastwood, MS
Validating a Measurement Instrument, By: Brent Logan, PhD
2012-2013 Lecture Series Schedule
BiostatisticsMCW YouTube Channel
Biostatistics Drop-In Consulting Schedule

No. 3 May/June 2012 (PDF)
Sample Size Calculations
On Coding Genotypes for Genetic Markers
Understanding Prediction
NEW Drop-In Consulting Schedule

No. 1 Jan/Feb 2012 (PDF)
Cumulative Incidence Functions
Panel Charts in Excel
Biostatistics Lecture Series Schedule

 Datum Volume XVII - 2011

No. 4 Nov/Dec 2011 (PDF)
Correlation Coefficients
About the Key Function
Upcoming Biostatistics Lectures
Non-Parametric Tests for Paired Data Full Biostatistics Lecture Series Schedule

No. 3 Sept/Oct 2011 (PDF)
Matched Pairs Study Design
Descriptive Statistics
Database Basics
Drop-In Consulting Hours and Information
Biostatistics Lecture Series Information

No. 2 July/Aug 2011 (PDF)
Displaying Data Graphically
Effect of Cell Dose on Relapse and Survival in Identical Twin Bone Marrow Transplant for Leukemia:Analyzing Time to Event Data with Time-Varying Treatment Effect
Biostatistics Lecture Series Fall Preview

No. 1 Jan/Feb 2011 (PDF)
A comparison of general medical inpatient models of care
Linear Regression using Microsoft Excel 2007
Median Regression Biostatistics Lecture Series
Publications & Presentations

 Datum Volume XVI - 2010

No. 3 July/August 2010 (PDF)
The Normal Q-Q Plot
Measuring Biomechanical Properties of Brain Tissue
Analysis Using Linear Mixed Models
Biostatistics Lecture Series

No. 2 May/June 2010 (PDF)
Survival Curve: Univariate Analysis
Using Simple Curves to Understand Late Effects in Lymphoma Patients
Nationwide Emergency Department Sample
Histograms (Data for Histogram Example)

No. 1 March/April 2010 (PDF)
Mixed Models for Repeated Measures Data
Effects of Recurrent Sleep Restriction and Inadequate Recuperation in Rats
United States Census 2010
Biostatistics Lecture Series
Publications & Presentations

 Datum Volume XV - 2009

No. 5 Nov/Dec 2009 (PDF)
Bayesian Inference
National Survey of Children's Health
Haplotype Reconstruction using PHASE Software
2D Strain Echo Predicts Viability Following Myocardial Infarction

No. 4 Sept/Oct 2009 (PDF)
Spaghetti Plots
On the Map
Multiple Comparisons
Software Options for Multiple Comparisons
Effect of Total Hip Arthroplasty on Bone Structure

No. 3 July/August 2009 (PDF)
National Nursing Assistant Survey
Three-dimensional Charts
Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)
Nonparametric Analysis Software
Comparing Footprint Area Between Gender and Age Groups

No. 2 May/June 2009 (PDF)
What Biostatistics Can Do For You
New Releases; Box-and-Whisker Plots
Contribution of Genetic Variants to Disease
On The Map
Logistic Regression

No. 1 March/April 2009 (PDF)
Datum Newsletter Expands
The United States Census of Agriculture
Dot Plots
Paired Data
Review of Statistical Software
Publications & Presentations

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