2011 Presentations/Abstracts

Collaborative Presentations/Abstracts at National/International Meetings:

  • Akbar M, Woods T, Szabo A, Franco R. Impact of CPAP for OSA on right heart function as measured by TAPSE and RV contraction velocity by color Doppler ECHO. CHEST 2011 Annual Meeting, Honolulu, HI, October 22-26, 2011.*

  • Asare, E.A., Knechtges, P., Green, D., Xiang, Q., Gamblin, T., Turaga, K., Pappas, S., Christians, K., Quebbeman, E., Evans, D., & Tsai, S. Low baseline lean body mass negatively predicts completion of neoadjuvant therapy among patients with resectable and borderline resectable pancreatic cancer. 12th AHPBA Annual Meeting, March 2012.*

  • Anasetti C, Logan B, Lee SJ, Waller EK, Weisdorf D, Wingard JR, Cutler C, Westervelt P, Woolfrey A, Couban S, Johnston L, Maziarz R, Pulsipher, M., Anderlini, P., Bensinger, W., Leitman, S., Rowley, S.D., Carter, S.L., Horowitz, M.M., & Confer, D.L. Increased incidence of chronic graft-versus-host disease and no survival advantage with filgrastim-mobilized peripheral blood stem cells compared to bone marrow transplants from unrelated donors: results of BMT CTN protocol 0201, a phase III prospective randomized trial. 2011 ASH Annual Meeting, San Diego, CA, December 2011.

  • Ayas, M., Le-Rademacher, J., Deeg, H.J., Gale, R.P., Davies, S.M., Bajwa, R.P.S., Battiwalla, M., Slavin, S., Camitta, B., Bierings, M.B., Harris, R.E., Olsson, R., Wirk, B., George, B., Bonfim, C., & Saber, W. Results of allogeneic hematopoietic cell transplantation in persons with fanconi anemia and pretransplant cytogenetic abnormalities, myelodysplastic syndrome, or acute leukemia. 2011 ASH Annual Meeting, San Diego, CA, December 2011.

  • Bacher, U., Klyuchnikov, E., Carreras, J., Le-Rademacher, J., Laport, G.G., Montoto, S., Maloney, D.G., & Hari, P. Conditioning intensity in allogeneic hematopoietic cell transplantation for diffuse large b-cell lymphoma. 2011 ASH Annual Meeting, San Diego, CA, December 2011.

  • Battiwalla, M., Ellis, K., Pavletic, S.Z., Akpek, G., Hematti, P., Klumpp, T.R., Maziarz, R.T., Savan, B.N., Alijurf, M., Cairo, M.S., Drobyski, W.R., George, B., Hahn, T., Khera, N., Litzow, M.R., Loren, A.W., Saber, W., Arora, M., Urbano-Ispizua, A., Cutler, C.S., Flowers, M.E.D., & Spellman, S. HLA DR15 antigen status does not impact graft-versus-host disease or disease-free survival in HLA-matched sibling transplantation for hematologic malignancies. 2011 ASH Annual Meeting, San Diego, CA, December 2011.

  • Bedi, M., King, D.M., Zambrano, E.V., Shivakoti, M., Baynes, K., Mautz, A.P., Dubois, M., Charlson, J., Hackbarth, D.A., & Wang T. Estimation of prognostic variables for survival in patients with primary localized soft tissues sarcoma of extremity and trunk with neoadjuvant radiotherapy or chemo radiotherapy. ASTRO Meeting, Miami, FL, October 2011.*

  • Bergom, C., Szabo, A., Mo, S., Bedi, M., Kharofa, J., Kelly, T., Wilson, J.F., & White, J. Examining the association of BMI with breast cancer recurrence and survival in an early stage breast cancer cohort with high median BMI: Size matters. ASTRO Meeting, Miami, FL, October 2011.*

  • Dobbelstein, C., Ahn, K.W., Spellman, S., Fernandez-Vina, M., Eder, M., Ganser, A., & Lee, S.J. The impact of donor and recipient birth order on outcome of HLA-identical sibling and unrelated donor stem cell transplantation in hematological malignancies. The 16th Congress of the European Hematology Association, London, UK, June 2011.

  • Drew, E., Shore, N., Brazauskas, R., Seifer, S.D. Community-based processes for research ethics review: Findings from a national study. 139thAPHA Annual Meeting & Exposition, Washington, DC, October 2011.

  • Eapen, M., Klein, J., Sanz, G., Ruggeri, A., Spellman, S., Annasetti, C., Garcia, J., Koegler, G., Laughlin, M., Michel, G., Nabhan, S., Smith, F., Horowitz, M., Gluckman, E., Rocha, V., on behalf of Eurocord-European Group for Blood and Marrow Transplantation, Netcord and the Center for International Blood and Marrow Transplant Research. Effect of donor-recipient HLA-matching at the HLA-C locus on outcomes after unrelated cord blood transplant for leukemia. EBMT 2011, Paris, France, April 2011.

  • Eckrich, M.J., Ahn, K.W., Wang, Z., Deeg, H.J., Horowitz, M.M., & Eapen M. Effect of race on outcomes after allogeneic hematopoietic cell transplantation for severe aplastic anemia. 2011 ASH Annual Meeting and Exposition, San Diego, CA, December 2011. (ASH Abstract Achievement Award)

  • Fleischhauer, K., Spellman, S.R., Wang, T., Haagenson, M., Battiwalla, M., Baxter-Lowe, L.A., Dehn, J.W., Gajewski, J.L., Hale, G.A., Heemskerk, M.B., Lee, S.J., McCarthy, P.L., Miklos, D.B., Oudshoorn, M., Pollack, M.S., Marino, S., Reddy, V., Senitzer, D., Shaw, B., Waller, E.K., & Fernandez-Vina, M. Non-permissive HLA-DPB1 T-cell epitope disparities are associated with non-relapse mortality after unrelated stem cell transplantation and are not dependent on HLA-DPA1. EBMT 2011, Paris, France, April 2011.

  • Fletcher, K., Singh, S., Ratkalkar, V., Schapira, M., Whittle, J., Visotcky, A., Laud, P., & Goodman, S. How much discontinuity does a hospitalized patient experience? SGIM 34th Annual Meeting, Phoenix, Arizona, May 2011.*

  • Fletcher K, Visotcky A, Slagle J, Tarima S, Schapira M. Predictors of subjective workload in on-call interns. HSR&D/QUERI National Conference 2012, July 2012.*

  • Freytes, C., Vesole, D., Zhong, X., Le-Rademacher, J., Dispenzieri, A., Lonial, S., Milone, G., & Hari, P.N. Second transplants in relapsed multiple myeloma: autologous versus non-myeloablative/reduced intensity allogeneic transplantation. 2011 ASH Annual Meeting, San Diego, CA, December 2011.

  • Goh, V., Wakeham, M., Mikhailov, T., & Brazauskas, R. Obesity is not associated with increased mortality and morbidity in critically-ill children. North American Society for Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology, and Nutrition. Orlando, Florida. October 2011.

  • Golshani, B., Lazzaro, M., Darkhabani, Z., Raslau, F., Baruah, D., Eastwood, D., Fitzsimmons, B., & Zaidat, O. Surveillance imaging after intracranial stent implantation: Non-invasive imaging compared with DSA. ASNR 2012 Conference, New York, NY, April 2012.*

  • Hahn, T., McCarthy, P.L., Carreras, J., Zhang, M.J., Lazarus, H.M., Laport, G.G., Montoto, S., Maloney, D.G., & Hari, P. A CIBMTR prognostic model for progression-free survival after autologous hematopoietic cell transplantation for relapsed or refractory hodgkin lymphoma. 2011 ASH Annual Meeting, San Diego, CA, December 2011.

  • Hale, G., Grupp, S., Kasow, K., Davies S, Hussein, A., Childs, R., Jodele, S., Myers, K., Stiff, P., He, W., Ahn, K.W., Copelan, E., Lewis, V., Bitan, M., Cairo, M., Horn, B., Qayed, M., Pulsipher, M., Soni, S., Chan, K., Diaz, M.A., Kamani, N., Kletze, M., Shaw, P., Bishop, M.R., Stadtmauer, E., Ueno, N.T., Gonzalez, V.M., Lazarus, H., Doyle, J., Camitta, B., Gale, R., Sanders, J., Wall, D., Arora, M., for the Solid Tumor and Pediatric Cancer Working Committee of the CIBMTR. Allogeneic hematopoietic cell transplantation for neuroblastoma: The CIBMTR experience. 2011 ASH Annual Meeting, San Diego, CA, December 2011.

  • Hari, P., Pasquini, M., Logan, B., Stadtmauer, E., Krishnan, A., Howard, A., Alvi, S., Harding, S., Carter, S., Rajkumar, V., Alyea, E., Qazilbash, M., LaPort, G., Maloney, D., Giralt, S., & Vesole, D. Immunoglobulin free light chain and heavy chain/light chain assays – comparison with electrophoretic responses in multiple myeloma. 2011 ASH Annual Meeting, San Diego, CA, December 2011.

  • Jacobsohn, D.A., Danner-Koptik, K.E., Brazauskas, R., Wang, Z., Duncan, C.N., Sorror, M.L., & Majhail, N.S. Second malignancies after autologous hematopoietic stem cell transplantation in children. EBMT 2011, Paris, France, 2011.

  • Kharofa, J.R., Cohen, J., Tomic, R., Xiang, Q., & Gore, E. Decreased risk of radiation pneumonitis with incidental concurrent use of angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors. ASTRO 53rd Annual Meeting, Miami, FL, April 2011.*

  • Leiker, A., Yen, T.W.F., Eastwood, D., Doffek, K., Szabo, A., Evans, D., & Wang, T. Factors that influence parathyroid hormone half-life: are new intraoperative criteria needed? Wisconsin Surgical Society Meeting, Kohler, WI, November 2011.*

  • Livshits, A., Robb, P., Strawn, E., Szabo, A. What is the optimal size of the leading follicle in intra uterine insemination cycles with ovulation induction with clomiphene citrate or letrozole? An analysis of 988 cycles. 15th McGill Symposium on Reproductive Endocrinology, Infertility and Women’s Health, Montreal, Canada, May 2011.*

  • Majhail, N.S., Quinn, G., Brazauskas, R., Wang, Z., Chow, E., Gilleece, M., Halter, J., Joshi, S., Pidala, J., Bolwell, B., Jacobsohn, D., Socie, G., Sorror, M., Wingard, J.R., Rizzo, J.D., & Loren, D. Transplant physician perceptions and practice patterns regarding fertility preservation in hematopoietic-cell transplant recipients. Bone Marrow Transplantation Tandem Meetings, Honolulu, HI, February, 2011.

  • Marquez-Barrientos, C., Liu, X.C., Lyon, R., Tassone, C., Tarima, S., Thometz, J. Agreement between visual foot motion assessment and quantitative motion measured by a six segment foot model. 2012 GCMAS Conference, Grand Rapids, MI, May 2012.*

  • McClune, B., Pedersen, T.L., Ahn, K.W., Warlick, E.D., Pidala, J., Waller, E.K., Rizzo, J.D., Cairo, M.S., Woolfrey, A., Artz, A., Lazarus, H.M., & Weisdorf, D.J. Reduced intensity or non-ablative hematopoietic cell transplantation in older patients with non-hodgkin lymphoma: encouraging survival for patients ≥55 years. 2011 ASH Annual Meeting, San Diego, CA, December 2011.

  • Okunseri, C., Harunani, S., Chilmaza, C., Xiang, Q., & Szabo, A. Racial variations in emergency wait times for nontraumatic dental conditions. AADR Annual Meeting, Tampa, FL, March 2011.*

  • Pearlstein, D.P., Quinn, C., Burtis, C., Ahn, K.W., & Katch, A. Electromagnetic navigation diagnostic bronchoscopy performed by thoracic surgeons: one center’s early success. The Society of Thoracic Surgeons 47th Annual Meeting, San Diego, CA, January 2011.*

  • Petkova, J., Szabo, A., Hall, C., Fredrich, P., & Padmanabhan, A. Hematopoietic progenitor cell collection by apheresis: the impact of HPC (A) product hematocrit on collection efficiency. ASFA Annual Meeting, Atlanta, GA, May 2012. (ASFA Donor Apheresis Best Abstract Award)*

  • Saad, A., Vesole, D., Le-Rademacher, J., Zhong, X., Dispenzieri, A., Lonial, S., Milone, G., & Hari, P.N. Second autologous transplants for multiple myeloma relapse after a prior autologous transplant: a report from CIBMTR. 2011 ASH Annual Meeting, San Diego, CA, December 2011.

  • Shah, A., O'Connor, C., Eastwood, D., & Guralnick, M. Does subjective Valsalva voiding predict its presence on urodynamic testing? Society of Urodynamics and Female Urology Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA, February 28-March 2012.*

  • Sindhu, B.S., Lehman, L.A., Tarima, S., Bishop, M.D., Hart, D., Shivakoti, M., Klein, M.R., & Wang, Y.C. Impact of fear of pain on functional status outcomes among people with shoulder impairments. American Occupational Therapy Association 92nd Annual Conference & Expo, Indianapolis, IN, April 2012.*

  • Singh, G., Sheth, B., Porter, D., Kenyon, J., Szabo A. Impact of pulse and total laser energy on intraocular pressure after neodymium: YAG posterior capsulotomy. ARVO 2011 Annual Meeting, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, May 2011.*

  • Sparks, I., Prior, P., Xiang, Q., Li, X.A., Yen, T.W.F, & White J. Lymphedema and arm symptom following 3 dimensional conformal radiation therapy for node positive breast cancer patients. ASCO Breast Meeting 2011, San Francisco, CA, September 2011.*

  • Szabo, A., Okunseri, E., Thorpe, J.M., Xiang, Q., & Okunseri, C. Trends in antibiotics and analgesics prescribed for non-traumatic dental conditions visits in emergency department in the United States. Academy Health’s Annual Research Meeting, Seattle, WA, June 2011.*

  • Tarekegn, S., Oimoen, K., Zadvornova, Y., Eastwood, D., Issa, M., Naik, A.S., Stein, D., Venu, N., & Perera, L. Biologics are superior to immunomodulators in prevention of post-operative recurrence of Crohn's disease. Digestive Disease Week 2011, Chicago, IL, May 2011.*

  • Turagam, M., Szabo, A., & Visotcky, A. African Americans have the highest risk of stroke-events and in-hospital mortality with atrial fibrillation related hospitalizations among all racial/ethnic groups: a nationwide analysis. American Heart Association EPI/NPAM 2012 Meeting, San Diego, CA, March 2012.*

  • Turagam, M., & Szabo, A. Survivors of sudden cardiac death with depression are not at significantly greater risk of recurrent arrhythmias and death. The Heart Rhythm Society 2012 Scientific Session, Boston, MA, May 2012.*

  • Waller, E.K., Harris, W.A.C., Devine, S., Porter, D.L., Mineishi, S., McCarty, J.M., Gonzalez, C.E., Spitzer, T.R., Krijanovski ,O.I., Linenberger, M.L., Woolfrey, A., Howard, A., Gurgol, C., Logan, B., Confer, D.L.,& Anasetti,C. Larger numbers of donor naïve CD8+ T-cells and plasmacytoid dendritic cell precursors in allogeneic BM grafts from unrelated donors are associated with improved survival: results from BMT CTN 0201. 2011 ASH Annual Meeting and Exposition, San Diego, CA, December 2011.

  • Warlick, E.D., McClune, B., Pedersen, T.L., Ahn, K.W., Antin, J.H., Cahn, J.Y., DeLima, M., Gupta, V., Marks, D.I., Bunjes, D., DiPersio JF, Devine S, Weisdorf DJ. Older adults with chronic myelogenous leukemia, during the tyrosine kinase inhibitor era, can be successfully treated with reduced intensity conditioning hematopoietic cell transplant using sibling or unrelated donors: a CIBMTR Analysis. 2011 ASH Annual Meeting, San Diego, CA, December 2011.

  • Weisdorf, D.J., Zhang, M.J., Arora, M., Rizzo, J.D., Horowitz, M.M., & Eapen, M. Graft-versus-host disease induced graft-versus-leukemia effect: more impact on later relapse and disease-free survival following reduced intensity conditioning. 2011 ASH Annual Meeting and Exposition, San Diego, CA, December 2011.

  • Wells, K.R., Cornell, R.F., Schmidt, S., Ahn, K.W., Lee, J.Y., & Hari, P. Mycobacterium mucogenicum blood stream infections after hematopoietic cell transplantation. ASCO Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL, June 2011.

  • Woods, T., Wang, K., Harmann, L., Visotcky, A., & Tarima, S. Left atrial volume-modified measurement tool. The American College of Cardiology's 61st Annual Scientific Session & Expo, Chicago, IL, March 2012.*

  • Woolfrey, A., Horan, J., Wang, T., Haagenson, M., Ayas, M., Baxter-Lowe, L.A., Bielorai, B., Davies, S., Dehn, J., Frangoul, H., Gajewski, J., Gupta, V., Hale, G.A., Hurley, C., Marino, S., McCarthy, P., Orchard, P., Oudshoorn, M., Pollack, M.S., Reddy, V., Shaw, P., Spellman, S., & Lee, S. Evaluation of HLA matching requirements in unrelated hematopoietic stem cell transplantation for nonmalignant disorders. Bone Marrow Transplantation Tandem Meetings, Honolulu, HI, February 2011.

  • Zack, K., Harmann, L., Papanek, P., Noon, M., Szabo, A., & Hoch, A. Effect of amenorrhea on cardiac health in runners. ASSM 2011.*

2011 Collaborative Presentations/Abstracts at Local Meetings:

  • Drew E, Hall E, Delgado-Rendon A, Brazauskas R. Risk factors associated with diabetes screening: results of a survey with Milwaukee latinos. MCW 20th Annual Department of Family and Community Medicine Research Forum, Milwaukee, WI, May 23, 2011.

  • Fairchild B, Webb T, Tsai S, Xiang Q, Brasel K. Sarcopenia and frailty in elderly trauma patients. MCW Summer Research, Milwaukee, WI, September 22, 2011.*

  • Leiker A, Yen TWF, Eastwood D, Doffek K, Szabo A, Evans D, Wang T. Factors that influence parathyroid hormone half-life: are new intraoperative criteria needed? MCW Medical Student Research Poster Day, Milwaukee, WI, September 22, 2011.*

  • Ratkalkar V, Wesson J, Visotcky A, Laud P, Kallio C, Framberg S, Kolbach A, Fletcher K. Elevated creatinine - an independent predictor of adverse events in the hospitalized patients. 2011 Nephrology Fellows Research Day, Milwaukee, WI, October 19, 2011.*



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