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Young at Heart


"Brain Map Rap"

Funny rap about the parts of the brain and their functions.


Pinky and The Brain sing about the brain.

50 Brain Teasers

Brain teasers and games to stimulate your mind and teach how the brain works. Including sections on attention, memory, logic, etc.

Mind Exercises for Brain Fitness

"Improve your brain fitness with these various mental exercises. Workout your memory, attention, eye-hand coordination, processing speed and more."

Mental disorders visualized in six minimalist posters

"Mental and neurological disorders are hard enough to explain in words, but how about with just a few blocks of color? Graphic designer Patrick Smith tries to capture an impressionistic sense of some serious illnesses with his minimalist designs."

Neuroscience at the Movies lessons by Heather Stewart

List of mainstream movies that are relevant to the field of neuroscience, separated by topic.




Why do we eat chilli? by Jason Goldman for The Guardian

"Chillies burn our tongues, make our eyes water and bring us out in a sweat. Jason Goldman looks at a peculiarly human form of masochism."

A Harvard Psychiatrist Explains Zombie Neurobiology article by Mark Strauss for Mad Neuroscience

Harvard psychologist, Dr. Steven C. Schlozman, gives a lecture touring "the human brain using the living dead as a narrative theme".

Insane Science: 5 New Books That Explain The Brain  by Michael Shaub for NPR books

"Neuroscience isn't just about parts of the brain and hard-to-pronounce chemicals; the books listed here cover everything from religion to pornography, from die-hard optimists to remorseless sociopaths. Sure, there's a lot of knowledge to be mined in these volumes, but most importantly, they're all fast, fun reads"

The web's best optical illusion videos... and how they trick your brain by Alasdair Wilkins for

"The human brain is one of the most remarkable things on this planet...but that doesn't mean it can't make mistakes, particularly when it comes to how we see the world. Here are five mind-blowing optical illusions and how they work."
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