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QP Expression Colony Picking Robot from Genetix

Automatically plate and spread samples into QTrays.
Accurately pick up to 30,000 colonies/day from trays or dishes
Cherry-pick wells of interest after off-line analysis
Track identity of plates and wells
Option to replicate and re-array new plates


         Eclipse 80i upright microscope






         Eclipse Ti-U inverted microscope






         Gel documentation system: AlphaImager®

           Alpha Innotech





  Flow cytometry instrument: Guava easyCyte™ HT





  Microarray hybridization station





         Microfluidics-based platform: 2100Bioanalyzer






  Microplate reader: SpectraMax M5

    Molecular Devices




          Multicolor real-time PCR detection system: iCycler iQ






   Ultrasonic liquid processor: Sonicator 3000





   Suspension array system: Bio-Plex 200 with Bio-Plex ProII wash station





   Ultracentrifuge: Optima TLX Ultracentrifuge

     Beckman Coulter






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