Center for Imaging Research

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Mission:  The Center for Imaging Research unites basic and clinical scientists of various disciplines to further the development and application of functional imaging in health and disease.

The Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW) pioneered functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) in the early 1990s, along with Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard University and the University of Minnesota. 

During the last decade, the college has continued to focus its efforts on the technological advancement of this modality.

The Center for Imaging Research (CIR), founded in 2002, was the natural result of several MCW departments working with this expertise.


Lunch-and-Learn Sessions

This year, the Center for Imaging Research is sponsoring weekly lunch-and-learn sessions noon to 1 pm most Wednesdays. Presenters are reviewing manuscripts in NeuroImage Volume 80, Mapping the Connectome.

Topics include history and anatomy, microscopic-level connectomics, and general connectomic history. Articles cover other major ongoing connectome-related projects and a wide range of methodology reviews.



  • GE High-Field Actively Shielded 7T/90-cm Whole-Body Imaging System
    Supported by the State of Wisconsin, the GE High-Field Actively-Shielded 7T/90 cm Whole-Body Imaging System will be operational summer 2014.

  • 3.0 T GE 750 MRI System
    Supported by the State of Wisconsin, a newly purchased GE 3T scanner (Model: DiscoveryTM MR750 32-Channel MR System) has been installed and is in operation. 
  • 3.0 T GE Long-Bore Excite MRI System
    The long-bore GE Signa Excite MRI system is a 55-cm bore whole-body MRI system with a high homogeneity, actively shielded magnet with resistive, passive, and superconducting shims.

  • 9.4 T Bruker Biospec 94/30 USR In-Vivo Spectroscopy Imaging System
    The Bruker Biospec system has an actively shielded 9.4 Tesla magnet with a 31-cm warm bore.

  • Gamma Medica MicroSPECT/CT, Preclinical Imaging System



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7T News

     Please go to the 7T Developments Section

New MRI 3T Scanner Rates

     Effective March 1, 2013, all scanning fees increased to $400 per hour.

New Faculty Member


The Department of Biophysics and the Department of Radiology recruited an associate professor to serve in the Center for Imaging Research.

Kevin M. Koch, PhD, will start Jan. 31, 2014.

He served as a Senior Scientist at GE Healthcare for the last seven years. Prior to that, he earned his doctorate in physics at Yale University.

Read more about Dr. Koch’s background here.


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