Prescan Information

Prescanning Information

Prescanning Requirements

Prior to using CIR equipment, investigators must complete the following steps to comply with regulations related to MCW, the Internal Review Board (IRB), the Institutional Animal Care and User Committee (IACUC), and the CIR.

  1. Complete the Investigator Agreement.
  2. Complete the Research Study Information Form to establish an account for a new research study. After your account has been established, your study group will receive a confirmation email with a CIR Billing Account Number. Please allow five business days for your data to be entered into our system.
  3. Contact the appropriate individual to set up your MRI scanning protocol.
  4. After your protocol has been set up, schedule your scanner time using the Online Appointment Scheduler. Note that you will be required to input your CIR Billing Account Number as well as your protocol number (if applicable).

Investigators and their team members must obtain research MRI Safety Training prior to scanner use.

Please contact Kathleen Yin or Matt Runquist with questions. For more information regarding human and animal research at MCW, please visit MCW’s Office of Research website.

Billing Account Number

After the prescanning requirements have been completed for a new research study, the CIR creates an account and assigns a billing account number. The billing account number is a required field on the Online Appointment Scheduler and is used for CIR administrative and invoicing purposes. The billing account number is tied to the investigator, the scanner(s) used, and the investigator's protocol number (e.g., XXXX-XX-XXXX).

In cases where an investigator associates multiple funding accounts with a protocol number and would like the ability to track this, the investigator can append the letter next to the funding source (as entered on the Research Study Information Form) to the end of the CIR Billing Account No. (e.g., XXXX-XX-XXXX-A, XXXX-XX-XXXX-B).

Subsequent to receiving a billing account number, updates to account information can be made using the Research Study Information Update Form.


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