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GE Healthcare Discovery MR750 3T MR System

Supported by the State of Wisconsin, a GE 3 Tesla (T) scanner with a 32-channel receive system is installed in the Froedtert Pavilion and is operated by the MCW CIR.

This 3T scanner enhances the shared use of the centralized MRI resources, enriches ongoing research, promotes new research directions, fosters a cooperative and interactive research environment, and stimulates multidisciplinary approaches to imaging research. The MCW CIR has provided strong institutional commitment toward the 3T imaging facility and maintenance.


The GE 3T MR750 system is a 60-cm bore, clinically certified MRI system that is dedicated to research.  Since the system is physically located in the Pavilion at Froedtert Hospital, research study participants can be recruited from inpatients, outpatients, and healthy volunteers.

The GE MR750 platform utilizes state-of-the-art gradient, receiver, and RF transmission technology. A second-order high-order shim option is available on the system.

We currently are equipped with the following RF coils:

  • Vendor provided
    • 32-channel head (Rx)
    • 8-channel head (Rx)
    • Birdcage head (Tx/Rx)
    • 3-channel shoulder (Rx)
    • 6-channel head/neck/spine (Rx)
    • 8 channel knee (Tx/Rx)
    • Quadrature knee/ankle (Rx)
    • 8-channel cardiac (Rx) (housed at Froedtert Radiology, special request necessary)
  • Specialty
    • Nova Medical 32-channel head (Rx)

Additional Details

Third generation magnet design. Contains 18 superconducting higher-order shim coils, active-shielding technology, and a stainless steel foundation. The magnet’s high homogeneity delivers excellent fat-saturation away from isocenter and ensures image quality over a full 48-cm field of view. Zero boil-off technology and remote magnet monitoring technology are incorporated.

High-performance whole-body gradients. The MR750 incorporates the eXtreme Resonance Module (XRM). XRM gradients deliver 50 mT/m peak amplitude and 200 T/m/s maximum slew rate on each axis simultaneously. The gradients are water cooled and equipped with integrated thermo-electric cooling panels to provide 100% duty-cycle and stability for advanced studies, such as functional MRI. Acoustic noise is minimized, using a passive acoustic barrier material that reduces acoustic transmission by an average of 6 dB for enhanced patient comfort without compromising imaging performance.

Higher-order shimming. The MR750 is equipped with five higher-order shim-resistive shim coils to minimize patient-induced field perturbations. In addition to the linear terms (X, Y, Z), the shim set includes XY, XZ, YZ, Y2, X2-Y2 compensation coils.

RF amplifier. The system utilizes a water-cooled, solid-state 35-kW RF amplifier design to drive the MR750 body coil. The amplifier supports a 100-W continuous-wave output mode for advanced proton-decoupling and spin-labeling research.

Compute engine and system software. The CIR strives to maintain the software and computational hardware of the system at the latest available releases. The system currently runs GEN 5 VRE hardware and DV25.1 software.


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