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MCW IS - Major Computer System Upgrade Nov. 30-Dec. 1

7:00 AM  - 11:00 PM
All Day Event
Key applications and systems at MCW
August Neverman

On the weekend of November 30-December 1, MCW-IS will be performing a major IT upgrade and associated maintenance work for key applications and systems of the Medical College of Wisconsin. This upgrade is intended to ensure the quality, reliability and processing speed of our systems as we also create room for expansion of our technology footprint to support the College’s missions. In order to implement the upgrades and maintenance that will be required, we will be shutting down nearly all of our applications and systems for the weekend of November 30-December 1, including:
• Email (Outlook and OWA mail) on and off campus
• All phones, including all voicemail access. Only emergency “Centrex” phones will operate during this upgrade.
• Remote access through Citrix or VPN - As part of this upgrade, remote access via MCW Citrix will be unavailable to multiple applications, including Epic, for most of the weekend. Remote access to Epic will be available via Froedtert Health Citrix. Any physicians who are scheduled to be on-call during the upgrade weekend should arrange for Citrix remote access via the Froedtert Health IT Service Desk (805-2101) as soon as possible.
• All services hosted on the network including but not limited to: Oracle, IDX, ASYS, Atrium and SharePoint.
• eBridge. The entire application system will be unavailable including IRB, IACUC, Researcher’s Profile and Grants and Contract modules
• Student resources including Oasis, EASI and Activity Transcript, ANGEL, D2L, Virtual Microscope, eJournal List, Medline, and the MCW CAT Library catalog will be unavailable.
• Internet access on campus and all access to and InfoScope this includes all MCW hosted websites • Network Storage and Drive Access (including G: and H: drives)
• Networked Printer and Fax Services A more specific list of systems and applications that will be impacted, as well as a user preparation guide and FAQ, will be published on InfoScope. We are asking all faculty and staff for your cooperation in planning ahead for important deadlines to ensure that nothing is missed.
Please direct questions through the MCW-IS Service Desk at 414-955-4357 #8. Thank you for your cooperation and patience with this upgrade process.