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For Research Staff: Draft SOPs

The following Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are drafts proposed by the Cancer Center Clinical Trials Office Staff and are not yet active.

Draft SOPs will be posted for 14-30 days for review by CTO staff, business partners, and others as applicable. Feedback is welcome. Please email your feedback or questions to Once SOPs are finalized, they will be posted on the SOPs page.

Posted February 7, 2013

SOP Glossary of Common Terms and Definitions (PDF) **Working Document**

Posted April 5, 2017

1.1 SOP on SOPs V.3.0

4.1.1 SOP Required Protocol Traning V.2.0

4.4 SOP Protocol Implementation Meetings V.2.0

5.3 SOP Patient Screening and Enrollment V.4.0

5.7 SOP Study Subject Unblinding V.2.0

6.1 SOP Study Monitors and Monitoring Visits V.4.0

6.2.4 SOP External Safety Reports - Industry Sponsored Studies V.2.0

6.2.5 SOP External Safety Reports - Cooperative Group Studies V.2.0 SOP Completing the FDA 1572 and Financial Disclosures V.3.0 SOP Investigator Brochure Version Control V.2.0

6.3.4 SOP Consenting Study Subjects V.2.0

6.3.5 SOP External Audits V.3.0

6.5.5 SOP CTO Employee Resignation V.2.0

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