MCW Cardiovascular Center Board

An important component of the CVC is the Cardiovascular Center Board, which provides financial support for the research and clinical programs carried on by the CVC. It educates the community in cooperation with the Board of Trustees of the Medical College on the causes, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of cardiovascular disease. Its members serve as advocates in the community in support of the Cardiovascular Center’s mission.


Kristine H. Cleary


Bruce M. Smith


  • Sally Bentley
  • Priscilla Boelter
  • Marybeth Budisch
  • Carl (Chip) Burghardt
  • Cellene Byrne
  • Dominic Colonna
  • Francis R. Croak
  • Gael Garbarino Cullen
  • Mark Curran
  • Byron T. Foster
  • Frederic G. Friedman
  • Ellen Glaisner
  • Eckhart Grohmann
  • Barry Grossman
  • Gordon H. Gunnlaugsson
  • Stanley F. Hack
  • Mikel Holt
  • Bruce E. Jacobs
  • Robert H. Jenkins
  • Lynnea Katz-Petted
  • Sarah Wright Kimball
  • John Kirchgeorg
  • Dr. Vincent Kuttemperoor
  • William H. Levit, Jr.
  • Daniel F. McKeithan, Jr.
  • Daniel M. Muchin
  • John K. Schultz
  • Nancy J. Sennett
  • Bruce M. Smith
  • Sonia Shields Stowe
  • Dale A. Thoma
  • Eric Von
  • Nicholas C. Wilson
  • Gary V. Zimmerman, FAIA

Emeritus Members

  • James D. Bell
  • William D. Browne
  • John J. Burke, Jr.

MCW Staff

  • Ivor J. Benjamin, MD, FAHA, FACC – Director, Cardiovascular Center
  • Alice Archabal – Vice President & Chief Development Officer, Institutional Advancement

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