Cardiovascular Center

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1/29/14 Srividya Kidambi "Role of adiposity distribution in disease: grant proposal discussion"
2/12/14 Dorothee Weihrauch, PhD "Interferon-regulatory factor 5 signaling in a murine model of scleroderma"



Paul Goldspink, PhD "Mechano-Growth Factor E-domain Phosphorylation Reciprocally Regulates Cardiac Contractility"
4/2/14 Ivor Benjamin, MD "State of the CVC"
4/16/14 David Zhang, PhD “Functional switch of K+ channel-mediated dilation in the human coronary microcirculation during disease”
5/28/14 Ivor Benjamin, MD TBA
6/11/14 Aron Geurts, PhD TBA
7/9/14 Scott Levick, PhD TBA
7/30/14 David Gutterman, MD TBA
8/13/14 Meetha Medhora, PhD Responding to RFA (U19) for Mitigation of Radiation Injuries
8/27/14 Andreas Beyer, PhD TBA
9/10/14 Jennifer Strande, MD, PhD Mitochondrial bioenergetics in healthy and dystrophic human muscle
10/8/14 John Imig, PhD TBA
10/22/14 John Auchampach, PhD TBA
11/5/14 Nicole Lohr, MD TBA
11/26/14 Paul Goldspink, PhD TBA
12/10/14 Michael Widlansky, MD TBA


10/9/13 Michael Widlansky "Low Glucose Exposure:  Marker or Mediator
of Vascular Risk?”
10/16/13 Andreas Beyer "Role of Telomerase in the mechanism of FMD"
11/6/13 Daisy Sahoo “The SR-BI/HDL Complex:  A Key Regulator of Plasma Cholesterol Levels”
11/28/13 CANCELLED  
12/18/13 CANCELLED
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