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Cardiovascular Center Seminar Series



LOCATION: CVC Conference Room – HRC Building. 4th floor, Room H4950

 TIME: 12:00-1:00pm

Monday, August 18, 2014 1:00-2:00pm

Jack Rubinstein, MD, FACC, FASE - University of Cincinnati
Associate Director, Echocardiography Lab, University Hospital, Asst. Professor of Division of Cardiovascular Diseases, Dept. of Medicine, University of Cincinnati

“TRPV2 Channel Regulation of Myocytes Function and Hypertrophy” (flier pdf)

                For more information please contact: Seminar Coordinator - April Mays 955-5629

2013-14 CVC Seminar Schedule

 (Information being updated for 2014 when it becomes available. Schedule subject to change)

9/25/13 Ivor Benjamin, FAHA, FACC
Chief, Division of Cardiovascular Medicine
Vice Chair, Translational Research, Dept. of Medicine
Director, Cardiovascular Center
Professor of Medicine, Physiology, Pharmacology & Toxicology,
Cell Biology, and Surgery
“Signaling Pathways Linked to Oxido-reductive
Stress in Health and Protein Misfolding Disease”
10/23/13 Janine Santos, PhD
Asst. Professor, Rutgers Mew Jersey Medical School
Staff Scientist at the Nat'l Inst. of Environmental Health Sciences
“Telomerase as a New Regulator of Mitochondrial ROS”


11/13/13 Lisa A. Cassis, PhD
Professor and Chair of Pharmacology
University of Kentucky, College of Medicine, Cardiovascular Research Center
Lexington, Kentucky
“The Renin-angiotensin System in Vascular Diseases”
12/6/13 E. Dale Abel, MD, PhD
Director, Division of Endocrinology and Metabolism
Professor of Internal Medicine - Endocrinology and Metabolism
Professor of Biochemistry
University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA 
"Cardiac Mitochondrial Dysfunction in Obesity and Central Role of Oxidative Stress"

(co-sponsored with Redox Biology Program)

12/11/13 Peter Tontonoz, MD PhD
Investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine University of California, Los Angeles
"Nuclear control of cholesterol metabolism"



1/22/14 Sachin A Gupte, MD, FACP
Associate Professor of Pharmacology, Center for Pulmonary Hypertension
Department of Pharmacology, New York Medical College - Valhalla, New York
"Potential Importance of Glucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase and Pyridine Nucleotide Signaling in Cardiovascular Physiology and Pathophysiology"  
3/5/14 Jeffery Molkentin, PhD
Professor, Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator
Professor, UC Department of Pediatrics
“Molecular Underpinnings of Programmed Necrosis in the Heart”
3/19/14 E. Doug Lewandowski, PhD
Director, Center for Cardiovascular Research Professor, Depts. of Physiology & Biophysics and Medicine (Cardiology)
University of Illinois at Chicago College of Medicine
"Managing Remodeled Lipid Dynamics in the Failing Heart"
3/26/14 William M. Chilian, PhD
Chair of Integrative Medical Sciences and Professor of Physiology
Northeast Ohio Medical University
Rootstown, OH
“A Copernican Revolution in our Understanding of Ischemic Heart Disease: Coronary Microvascular Syndrome” 


TBD  Conor L. Evans, PhD
Assistant Professor
Harvard Med School Wellman Center for Photomedicine, Mass  Gen Hospital
"Quantitative Oxygen Imaging Using Porphyrin Dendrimers and Smart Wound Dressings"
Joseph C. Wu, MD, PhD
Director, Stanford Cardiovascular Institute Professor, Dept of Medicine/Cardiology & Radiology Stanford University School of Medicine
"iPSCs for Cardiovascular Diseases"


Tianxin Yang, MD, PHD
Professor of Medicine and Physiology, Division of Nephrology and Hypertension, University of Utah and Veteran Affairs Medical Center
“Interaction of PGE2 and (Pro)Renin Receptor in Hypertension and Target Organ Damage”

Sponsored with Dept. of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics

CANCELLED: Will be rescheduling
Karl T. Weber, MD
Neuton Stern Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine
Division of Cardiovascular Diseases, University of Tennessee Health Science Center
Memphis, Tennessee
“Cell-Based Therapy for the Failing Heart”
Jack Rubinstein, MD, FACC, FASE
Assistant Professor, Dept. of Medicine, Division of Cardiovascular Diseases
University of Cincinnati, Ohio
"TRPV2 Channel Regulation of Myocytes Function and Hypertrophy"
9/24/14 Charles E. Murry, MD PhD
Professor-Pathology, Bioengineering, Med/Cardiology
Director-Cardiovascular Biology
University of Washington
To be announced
10/15/14 Kathryn J Moore, PhD
Professor of Medicine
Leon H Charney Division of Cardiology
Marc and Ruti Bell Program for Vascular Biology and Disease New York University Medical Center
New York, NY
To be announced
11/5/14 Christopher K. Glass, MD PhD
Professor of Medicine
University of California, San Diego
"Evolution of Nuclear receptor Regulation of inflammatory responses"
Joseph Metzger, PhD
Professor & Dept. Head
Integrative Biology & Physiology
University of Minnesota
To be announced
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