Center for the Advancement of Underserved Children

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Plans and Projected Outcomes

Plans: Pilot intervention will address access to immunizations utilizing community education and assessments to barriers for populations of children birth to 14 years old. CHIMC will develop a Memorandum of Understanding with the Milwaukee Health Department to share data and resources assisting in the development and implementation of this pilot.

Projected Outcomes:

  1. Increase participant immunization rates above baseline
  2. Increase knowledge of immunization importance
  3. Measure intent to change behavior around immunizations compliance

Projected Objectives:

  1. Identify households with children birth to 14 yrs old who are under immunized.
  2. Engage parents in immunization education (why immunizations are still relevant and important) Conduct Pre/Post test to determine if knowledge was gained, measure intent to change (via survey) and assess barriers to immunizations (via survey).
  3. Conduct home visits in households identified by partner CBO’s and Healthcare Agency.
    • Engage parents in one-on-one immunization education.
    • Track immunization compliance rates 6-9 months after initiation of intervention.
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