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The strong cell and developmental focus of each of these research programs has resulted in a major emphasis on stem cell biology and its potential in regenerative medicine. CBNA is home to MCW’s Program in Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Biology, which utilizes both embryonic and induced pluripotent stem cells to study normal development and disease pathways of the liver heart and nervous system. CBNA’s major efforts in cellular neurobiology of peripheral nociceptors, the regulation of energy metabolism, the development of retinal photoreceptors and the mechanisms of learning and memory have made it a major strength in MCW’s research strategy to expand in the area of Neuroscience.

CBNA faculty also participate in interdisciplinary graduate education through the Interdisciplinary Graduate Programs in Biomedical Sciences and the Neurosciences, and through management of its own Graduate Program in Cell and Developmental Biology. CBNA faculty also play an essential role in the Discovery Curriculum via the first year “Clinical Human Anatomy”, “Neuroscience” and “Molecules to Cells” and through its interdisciplinary teaching of 2nd year medical students.

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