Gary L. Kolesari, MD, PhD

Gary L. Kolesari, MD, PhDProfessor

Medical College of Wisconsin
Department of Cell Biology, Neurobiology & Anatomy
and Department of Family & Community Medicine
8701 Watertown Plank Road
Milwaukee, WI 53226-0509

(414) 955-8472
(414) 955-6517 (fax)

PhD, Anatomy, Medical College of Wisconsin, 1975
MD, Medical College of Wisconsin, 1977

Graduate Programs
Program in Cell and Developmental Biology

Research Area

Mechanisms of action responsible for cardiovascular birth defects

For a number of years our lab has been interested in cardiovascular birth defects. The chick embryo is used as our model. We have studied various pharmacologic agents. More recently we are investigating the effects certain growth factors (namely FGF-2) or the development of the chick cardiovascular system.

I have been involved in teaching in the first year Clinical Human Anatomy course for 28 years. For the last 20 years I have been the Course Director. In addition to my teaching and research interests I maintain an active family practice clinic on the campus of the Medical College of Wisconsin.

Selected Publications

Fitzpatrick CM, GL Kolesari, GL Kolesari and KJ Brassel: Surgical origins: New teaching modalities integrating clinical and basic science years - a role for residents as active teachers. Surgery 133:353-355, 2003.

Fitzpatrick CM, GL Kolesari, GL Kolesari and KJ Brassel: Teaching anatomy with surgeons' tools: use of the laparoscope in clinical anatomy. Clinical Anatomy 14:349-353, 2001.

Franciosi JP, DL Bolender, JL Lough and GL Kolesari: FGF-2-induced imbalance in early embryonic heart cell proliferation: A potential cause of late cardiovascular anomalies. Teratology 62:189-194, 2000.

Calkins CM, JP Franciosi and GL Kolesari: Human anatomical science and illustrations: The origin of two inseparable disciplines. Clinical Anatomy 12:120-129, 1999.

Watkins BP, RE Haushalter, DL Bolender, S Kaplan and GL Kolesari: Postmortem blood tests for HIV, HBV and HCV in a body donation program. J. Clin. Anat. 11:250-252, 1998.

Watkins BP, DL Bolender, J Lough and GL Kolesari: Teratogenic effects of implanting fibroblast growth factor-2-soaked beads in the cardiac region of the stage 24 chick embryo. Teratology 57:140-145 1998.

Lenselink DR, RS Kuhlmann, JM Lawrence and GL Kolesari: Cardiovascular teratogenicity of terbutaline and ritodrine in the chick embryo. Am. J. Obstet. Gynecol. 171:501-506, 1994.

Lenselink DR, JE Midtling and GL Kolesari: Teratogenesis associated with oxydemeton-methyl in the stage 12 chick embryo. Teratology 48:204-211, 1993.

Medical College of Wisconsin
8701 Watertown Plank Road
Milwaukee, WI 53226
(414) 955-8296
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