Medical College of Wisconsin Cell Biology, Neurobiology & Anatomy Graduate Students

Graduate Students

Blinka, Steven

Stem cell transcriptional regulation, epigenetics, hematopoiesis

Patitucci, Teresa

Induced pluripotent stem cells as a model system to elucidate mechanism of Spinal Muscular Atrophy

Deml, Brett

Genetic variation of eye disease

Petersen, Amber

The role of neurogranin in long-term plasticity

Flinn, Michael

Upstream regulatory elements of the Hippo signaling pathway

Reimer, Mike

Stem cell transcriptional regulation

Gronseth, Emily

Determining the mechanisms of medulloblastoma metastasis, concentrating on microenvironment interactions

Reynolds, Ashley

Mechanotransduction, pain transduction and sensation

Hansen, Karen

Thrombosis, Hemostasis and Vascular Biology

Schill, Daniel

The role of the pioneer transcription factor FoxA in liver development

Hendee, Kathryn

Involvement of PITX transcription factor family in human ocular disease

Schwab, Andrew

Non-motor features of Parkinson’s Disease

Hillmer, Ryan

Molecular mechanisms governing the development of mammalian midbrain dopamine (mDA) neurons

Thompson, Cayla

Role of gata transcription factors in intestinal development

Kohlnhofer, Bridget

The role of GATA transcription factors in early intestinal development utilizing human embryonic stem cells and mouse models

Urick, Amanda

Utilizing induced pluripotent stem cells to elucidate the developing liver and to model patient specific liver diseases

Kutty, Raman

Angiogenesis and vascular development, small molecule screening and drug discovery

Weyer, Andy

Mechanisms of mechanotransduction and their relationship with acute and chronic pain

Langlo, Christopher

In vivo retinal imaging

Wilk, Melissa

Retinal development and the relationship between retinal structure, visual acuity and cortical magnification

Lewis, Tylor

Role of homodimeric kinesin Kif17 in the outer segments of photoreceptors

Wright, Kevin

Genetics and Signaling of inner ear development

Miller, Anna

The therapeutic potential of mesenchymal stem cells in traumatic brain injury and neurodegeneration

Yang, Moua

Role of scavenger receptor CD36 in vascular pathobiology

Moehring, Francie

Mechanisms of mechanotransduction and the sensation of pain

Zappia, Katherine

Mechanotransduction, sensation and pain

Nord, Joshua

Transcriptional Regulation of Liver Development

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