Amanda Urick

Amanda UrickGraduate Student
Medical College of Wisconsin
Department of Cell Biology, Neurobiology & Anatomy
8701 Watertown Plank Road
Milwaukee, WI 53226

(414) 955-8336
(414) 955-6517 (fax)

BS, Columbia University, 2010

Faculty Advisor: Stephen Duncan, D Phil

Research Area: Utilizing induced pluripotent stem cells to elucidate the developing liver and to model patient specific liver diseases

As an undergraduate studying Biomedical Engineering and Physics at Columbia University, I conducted research on determining the proper substrate rigidity in order to activate mouse naïve CD4+ T-cells. It was here that I became interested in pursuing a career within biomedical research, wherein I applied to MCW to fulfill that goal. Once at MCW I joined the lab of Dr. Stephen Duncan in the department of Cell Biology, Neurobiology and Anatomy. Here the focus of the Duncan lab is to study liver development and function by utilizing both iPS (induced pluripotent stem cells) and ES (embryonic stem cells) cell technology. One aspect of my project is to understand the role that both BMP4 and SMAD proteins play in the developing liver. Another faction of my project is to model and understand various liver disease phenotypes by creating patient specific hepatocytes. This is done by obtaining patient specific fibroblasts and reprogramming these cells into iPS and subsequently differentiating these iPS cells into hepatocyte-like cells, which will have the liver disease phenotype.