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Certificate in Research Ethics Program

The Certificate Program in Research Ethics is designed to provide a basic introduction to human subjects research regulation and the historical and philosophical foundations underlying such regulation, as well as an opportunity for students to pursue a broad-based survey of current topics in research ethics. This program is meant to enhance the professional practice of individuals involved in human subject research as investigators, study coordinators, research advocates, IRB members, and others engaged or interested in research compliance. It is Internet-based in order to be available to participants from across the nation and around the world.

Program Requirements

The program consists of a total of four courses—three required and one elective course. The required courses are:

  • Introduction to Research Ethics (3 credits)
  • Regulatory Issues in Human Subject Research Protections (3 credits)
  • Current Topics in Research Ethics (3 credits)

For the elective, students can choose one of the following courses:

  • Justice and Healthcare (3 credits)
  • Philosophical Bioethics (3 credits)
  • Law and Bioethics (3 credits)

Participants may take one or two courses in a semester as fits their scheduling needs.

All of the courses of the certificate program are delivered via the Internet. The technical requirements are minimal, i.e., ability to use a Web-browser and email. Class discussions and case analyses are conducted primarily in non-real time, so students can participate at their convenience during each week. However, students are paced on a week-to-week basis just as in a campus course. Moreover, the pedagogical capabilities of the Web environment enhance the “class” discussions and allow for individualized instructor feedback, which empowers the learners and makes the courses truly student-centered.

Participants receive a Certificate in Research Ethics from the Medical College of Wisconsin’s Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences upon completion of the four courses. Each course is also worth graduate credit which may be applicable to the Bioethics MA degree.

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