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April, 2012

Dusanka Vesic
Graduate Student
Dr. Christopher Kristich Laboratory

Degree -  B.S. in Mathematics and Biological Sciences

Joined MCW in July, 2008

What brought you to MCW?
I came to MCW to work on my PhD.  It was just a perfect fit for me and it worked out well since I did not have to move away from home.

What are your current responsibilities?
I am working on understanding the contribution of a DNA binding protein to antibiotic resistance in E. faecalis.

Favorite thing about your position?
In addition to the awesome, ever-changing, challenging science that is done every day, the people I work with.  They make it just seem easy, even when it is not!

Hobbies and outside of work interests?
I love cooking, reading, and the outdoors.  I have an obsession with taking classes at the gym (not mentioning many others, I took a hip hop class for a while; almost tried breakdancing, but stayed away for my own safety!)  My lab members would say I have an obsession with boxes. 

Interesting "Fun Fact"?
I was born in Yugoslavia and came to the U.S. when I was 14, without knowing English.  Why Wisconsin?  It was somewhat of a random pick.
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