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 May, 2011

Ricardo Franco
Research Technologist I
Dr. Jenifer Coburn Laboratory

Degree - B.S. in Biological Sciences; minor in Criminal and Law Studies

Joined MCW in May, 2010

What brought you to MCW?
I was really interested in research at Marquette University and was told by my advisor that MCW was the ideal place to conduct research.

What are you working on now?
I currently work in Dr. Coburn's lab conducting research on Leptospirosis.  I am currently working on a protein purification experiment in order to discover the membrane protein on which Leptospira Interrogans, the agent of Leptospirosis, binds to.  I am also working on an immunofluorescence assay to visualize the effects of various antibiotics on the binding of Leptospira to the cellular membrane.  

Favorite thing about your position?
I enjoy performing scientific research in hopes of discovering new information that may lead to a future vaccine for one of the world's most common zoonoses. 

Hobbies and outside of work interests?
I love cars and enjoy modifying and racing my special edition Mustang Bullitt.  I also enjoy watching the Packers win, exercising, reading, video games, and traveling.
Interesting "Fun Fact"?
I used to breakdance in high school and even started my own dance crew, the 3rd Floor Breakers!
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