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Learning Management: A History of ANGEL at MCW
ANGEL (A New Global Environment for Learning) is a College-wide learning management system that provides tools for faculty and staff to present online instructional content. ANGEL is being retired from use by MCW effective October 3, 2014. All content and accounts in ANGEL will be part of the Desire2Learn (D2L) migration plan and converted to D2L as appropriate by September 2014. 

Learning Management: Implementation of Desire2Learn at MCW
In October of 2012, MCW signed a license to implement Desire2Learn’s Learning Environment module as MCW’s next generation learning management system.  This license represents the conclusion of a selection process at the college that took place from September of 2011 through May of 2012. This selection process, conducted by the Learning Management System Working Group, involved a thorough investigation and review of learning management system options and resulted in the recommendation of D2L LE as the product to meet the MCW community’s needs for an LMS.

After a contracting and licensing period, MCW began the implementation phase for the D2L Learning Environment module in December, 2012. The pilot phase for D2L LE will begin in May 2013 with the launch of the Incoming M1 Orientation Course for the Class of 2017. Between May and August 2013, the Implementation Team will be actively working to convert or construction all M1, M2 and Discovery Curriculum Pathways courses so they are ready for use in D2L as of August 1, 2013. Training and support for M1, M2 and Pathways Course Directors and Course Coordinators will be available through all phases of the ANGEL to D2L migration. The next phases of migration from ANGEL to D2L commenced in September 2013, and will conclude in September 2014 in time to ensure all content and accounts are removed from the ANGEL environment before the system is retired.

For specific information on D2L implementation by content audience, visit our D2L Implementation page.


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