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A strong research program is a major focus of the Department of Dermatology at the Medical College of Wisconsin.  The department has programs in clinical, translational, and basic research.  Fellowships are offered in immunodermatology, clinical research, autoimmune diseases affecting the skin, and pediatric dermatology.  Trainees in the research laboratories learn a wide variety of molecular biology and cell biology techniques that are applied to the study of skin disorders.  Pediatric dermatology fellows participate in clinical projects related to cutaneous disorders of children.                 

Clinical Research
Clinical research projects include the origin and significance of midline congenital defects in children as well as research into the origin and classification of vascular malformation and hemangiomas in infants and children. Departmental resources and industry partners support a series of studies regarding new therapeutic agents for adults and children with various skin diseases.  


Medical Student Research Opportunities

The Department of Dermatology gets many inquiries from medical students about summer internships in dermatology research.  We have 2-3 student openings each year.  Due to the number of student inquiries regarding these positions, an application process has been implemented to help us select the most appropriate students for the projects we have in place. 

Application Requirements (Deadline October 1)

  • One letter of recommendation (particularly from someone in research who knows you well)
  • CV
  • Short personal statement explaining why you are interested in dermatology or the particular dermatology lab that interests you

To submit application materials or if you have questions regarding dermatology research opportunities, please contact:

Zelmira Lazarova, MD
Assistant Professor of Dermatology
(414) 955-4061


Recent Clinical Research Publications from Faculty Members

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