National Biomedical Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Center

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EPR Engineering

James R. Anderson is an Engineering Technician with extensive experience in EPR hardware and fabrication methods. He is the first author of one of our three Review of Scientific Instruments papers on uniform field cavities because the key idea was his.

Theodore G. Camenisch is a very experienced EPR Systems Electrical Engineer. He designed the Q-band multiarm bridge and is responsible for EPR bridge-design components of a new system. His advice on EPR instrumentation is often sought by members of the EPR community.

John D. Gassert is a Professor at the Milwaukee School of Engineering and works part time at the EPR Center. His primary responsibility is to enhance digital signal-processing capabilities.

Richard R. Mett is a Professor at Milwaukee School of Engineering and Adjunct Professor of Biophysics at the Medical College. He is a physicist with theoretical expertise in electromagnetism. 

Joseph J. Ratke is Chief Engineer of the EPR Center. Together with Mr. Camenisch, he is concerned with EPR systems engineering. His expertise includes hardware aspects of digital signal acquisition as are required for TR&D projects. He and Dr. Gassert are involved in the development of signal-processing software.

Jason W. Sidabras is a Microwave Engineer and an expert in finite-element modeling of electromagnetic fields in resonators and other microwave devices. He is responsible for designing, assembling, and testing the microwave resonators.

Robert A. Strangeway is a Microwave Engineer, Professor at the Milwaukee School of Engineering, and Adjunct Professor of Biophysics at the Medical College. He is responsible for microwave oscillator design.
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