Small Animal Echocardiography Core Facility

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Investigators are responsible for providing the following disposable supplies needed for small animal imaging.Scanning Environment

  1. Gloves
  2. Pads
  3. Paper towels
  4. Tape
  5. Depilatory agent (i.e. Nair®) or Shaver
  6. Baby Oil (only needed if shaving fur)
  7. Anesthesia
  8. Warming plate

Rodents need to be shaved and anesthetized immediately before the scanning. The type and route of anesthesia should be determined by the investigator prior to initiating the study. Contact the Core Medical Director for recommendations.

Our standard small animal cardiac imaging protocol can be found here (link to protocol).




Flowchart for conducting a comprehensive echo examination in small animals.

Flowchart for conducting a comprehensive echo examination in small animals. Images are first acquired in the indicated sequence from the various modes within each of the four echo views. The images are subsequently analyzed offline, and the appropriate parameters derived from these measurements. For consistency and to minimize variability, it is essential to maintain the predetermined order and timing of these acquisitions between subjects and for longitudinal measurements within a subject. 2D, two-dimensional; LV, left ventricular; SV, stroke volume; CO, cardiac output; endo, endocardial; epi, epicardial; V, velocity; S, strain; SR, strain rate; WT, wall thickness; FS, fractional shortening; EF, ejection fraction; E, early; A, atrial; Vp, mitral inflow propagation velocity; IVRT, isovolumic relaxation time.

 Flow chart adapted from: Cardiovascular Genomics, Methods in Molecular Biology, 2009, Humana Press; 573.
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