Small Animal Echocardiography Core Facility

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The GE Vivid 7 is a premier cardiovascular
ultrasound system. Features include:
• 11 MHz M12 Linear array transducer
• 8MHz S8 sector transducer
• Coded harmonic imaging
• Real-time anatomical M-mode
• Tissue (speckle) tracking
• Tissue velocity imaging
• Spectral Doppler
• Color flow imaging

GE Vivid 7


The EchoPAC with Q analysis system is available for offline analysis. 

GE EchoPac Workstation









The Vivid 7 or EchoPAC software is available without a sonographer for a reduced fee.

There is a minimum 3 hour instruction period to teach basic machine function. This will also include minimal ultrasound scanning techniques. This assumes that the investigator has a basic understanding of cardiac anatomy and echocardiographic views and is familiar with the specific echocardiographic equipment being used.

Researchers may also do their own analysis after completing 2 hours of EchoPAC software training.

Users must demonstrate proficient use and cleaning of equipment prior to independent use.
Ultrasound is well suited for the examination and delineation of soft tissue structures; however, echocardiography requires extensive knowledge of cardiac and vascular anatomy, physiology, hemodynamics, ultrasound physics, the Doppler principle and the underlying acoustic physics of color and pulsed wave Doppler. Knowledge of scanning protocols and proficient use of the equipment is also required for the production of quantifiable data.
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