Small Animal Echocardiography Core Facility

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Small Animal Echocardiography Research Core Survey

Cardiovascular ultrasound is a research tool that offers a non-invasive method to obtain cardiovascular structural and functional information, either at a single time-point or longitudinally. It offers a translational element to animal research studies.


1. Do you use animal models for your research?

Yes  No

2. If no, do you plan on using animal models in the next two years?

 Yes  No

3. What animal models do you use?
     If multiple selections apply: hold Ctrl and click all that apply




4. Do you anticipate using cardiovascular ultrasound in your research project within the next:


1 year
2 years
 3 years

5. Would cardiovascular ultrasound offer a translational approach to your studies?

 Yes No

6. If funding were not an issue, would you use the small animal echocardiography core for your research?

 Yes  No

7. Would using cardiovascular ultrasound in your studies improve your chances for grant funding?

 Yes   No

8. Does your research require other ultrasound services? Examples: pulmonary hypertension, kidney or liver imaging, pregnancy monitoring, aortic or other vascular ultrasound?

 Yes   No


Core Mission:
The Core is not a business and does not attempt to generate net revenue. The Core’s only mission is to support and enable experiments by other Investigators.

Want to know more about the Core?
Vist the:     Small Animal Echocardiography Core Facility web page (link)
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