Small Animal Echocardiography Core Facility

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Post Myocardial Ischemia/Infarction

The 2D image is used for the anatomically corrected M-mode.  This M-mode allows measurement of the following parameters:

Septal thickness in diastole                          LV ejection fraction

LV dimension in diastole and systole             LV systolic and end diastolic volumes

Posterior wall thickness in diastole                LV stroke volume

LV fractional shortening                                LV mass

M-mode post myocardial infarction Video post myocardial infarction
M-mode Demonstrating LV Dysfunction Video of Left Ventricle Dysfunction

Data on spreadsheet will include functional M-mode values as described above and quantitative segmental and global LV strain values.  For an explanation of strain analysis please see Specialty Analysis #9 on the Services page.
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