Small Animal Echocardiography Core Facility

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Specialty Analysis - Strain Imaging

2D speckle tracking echocardiography is a novel technique that enables the assessment of myocardial strain through the analysis of speckle motion inherently present in a standard, 2D echocardiographic image. This technique is angle independent, preload independent, not affected by tethering between segments and less operator dependent. This technique has been validated in experimental and human studies and found to correspond well to established “gold standard” techniques.

 Why use strain imaging for your study:

  1. Strain has increased sensitivity in detecting LV systolic dysfunction when compared to conventional LV function analysis (i.e. ejection fraction and fractional shortening)
  2. Strain analysis is better suited for regional wall motion abnormalities
  3. Speckle tracking-derived strain correlates with the degree of cardiac fibrosis 
 Radial Strain Video Radial Strain
Graph of Normal Radial Strain Video of Normal Radial Strain
 Post MI Radial Strain Video Post MI Radial Strain
Graph of Abnormal Post MI Radial Strain Video of Abnormal Post MI Radial Strain
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