Emergency Medical Services Research

The Section of EMS and Disaster Medicine's Research commitment is founded on the value of scientific research for the further development of EMS systems and services to improve patient outcomes. Its work focuses on all potential outcomes including death, disease, disability, discomfort, dissatisfaction and destitution, with the ultimate goal of improving prehospital care and patient outcomes. The Section has partnered with a number of local and regional agencies as well as federally-funded projects to conduct research, and is recognized nationally for contributions to the EMS literature. Several Section faculty sit on the Medical College of Wisconsin's Institutional Review Board (IRB) where they assist in ensuring that medical research performed at the College abides by strict ethical standards. Unique to Milwaukee County, the EMS provider agencies have designated the Medical College of Wisconsin IRB for Federal-Wide Assurance of Protection of Human Subjects. This has allowed many EMS providers to receive research ethics training. These providers have participated in a number of research projects, including clinical trials that have utilized exception to informed consent. Members of the Section also hold leadership positions in the first-of-its-kind research network designated to study pediatric out-of-hospital issues.

The Section is eager to work with new partners and to facilitate investigations that meet the Section's goals to improve out-of-hospital and disaster care.

The Resuscitation Research Center (RRC) in the Department of Emergency Medicine department at the Medical College of Wisconsin is supported by federal funding to collaborate with researchers, clinicians and EMS at the local and national level on observational and interventional clinical trials in the areas of emergency resuscitation and neurological emergency research. The RRC has dedicated infrastructure to coordinate clinical trial activities 24/7.



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