2016 Visiting Professor

24th Annual Emergency Medicine Research Forum

April 14, 2016

John Younger, MD John G. Younger, MD
Chief Technology Officer
Akadeum Sciences, Inc.

Your Hypothesis, Bankrolled: How to Think about Funding Your Science
This lecture will examine how new science and technology are supported privately and publically in the United States and review the amount of funding needed at various idea/career stages. The audience will gain an understanding of how to review the amount of funding typically needed at various stages of both a new idea and a new career.

Prior to co-founding Akadeum Life Sciences, Dr. Younger was a clinically active physician scientist whose research focused on how living cells interact with man-made materials.  These interactions can be disastrous in the setting of life threatening infection, contaminated medical devices, or fouled industrial settings where bacteria-free conditions are essential.  However, the same interactions are a necessary part of a coming wave of new research, diagnostic, and therapeutic applications that require reliably capturing and manipulating cells.

In 2015, Dr. Younger concluded his University career to become the first Chief Technology Officer of Akadeum Life Sciences, an early-stage biotech company focused on using cell-material interactions to bring to market a new means of capturing and manipulating living cells.  In addition to pushing hard against previous technical limitations in this arena, Akadeum has garnered national attention in its use of 'Lean Start-up' methodology, which focuses intensely on early end-users to drive every aspect of company development.

In both his earlier academic career and his current biotech role, Dr. Younger has leveraged substantial outside financial support of his science, including foundations, the federal government, and most recently venture investment.  He has also extensively evaluated basic, clinical, and commercial-ready science for support by both the NIH and the NSF.