Free Radical Research Center

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Seminars in 2000


Speaker Date Time Place Title
Richard Weindruch, PhD September 21, 2000  11:00 am MFRC 3067 Caloric Intake, Oxidative Stress and Aging
Larry Oberley, PhD October 12, 2000 11:00 am MFRC 3067 Inhibition of Cancer Cell Growth by Over expression of Mitochondrial Superoxide Dismutase
Joseph Beckman, PhD November 3, 2000 11:00 am MFRC 2063 Did Free Radicals Kill Lou Gehrig? Role of SOD in ALS.
Sanjay Rajagopalan, MD November 30, 2000 3:00 pm MFRC 2063 Role of Renin-Angiotensin Aldosterone Access in Arteriosclerosis
Lawrence Marnett, PhD December 8, 2000 11:00 am MFRC 2063 Biochemically Based Design of Cyclooxygenase-2 Inhibitors: From Substrate to Inhibitors and Back Again
Suwei Wang, PhD December 18, 2000 Noon MFRC 2063 Mechanism of Chromium (VI) induced carcinogenesis: The involvement of reactive oxygen and signal transduction pathway
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