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Education Information

Symposia, conferences and workshops:


The First Annual Redox Biology Program Symposium, “Cardiovascular Redox Signaling Symposium,” will be Nov. 14, 2014, at the Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Wis.

Four main subjects will be addressed:

  • New frontiers in vascular biology
  • Sirtuins and adaptive response to oxidant stress
  • Mitochondria and metabolism in redox stress
  • NOX and oxidants in cardiovascular disease

For additional details and to register, visit the MCW Redox Biology Program web page.


Webinars, presentations, and other educational materials:

Virtual Free Radical School
(Society for Free Radical Biology and Medicine)

Doxorubicin-induced Cardiotoxicity and Antitumor Action: New Mechanistic Perspectives  (pdf format)
(Dr. B. Kalyanaraman)

The Use of EPR in Nitric Oxide Research (pdf format)
(Dr. Neil Hogg)

Detection of Superoxide with DMPO and Improved Nitrones  (pdf format)
(Dr. Jeannette Vásquez Vivar)

The Chemistry and Biochemistry of Molecular Probes: Applications in Spectroscopic Detection of ROS/RNS (pdf format)
(Dr. B. Kalyanaraman )

NIEHS Sim EPR Manual

ESR - The Basics (Dr. P. Kuppusamy)
EPRBasics (ppt format, 158KB)

Periodic Table

Spin Trap Database

Radiation Chemistry Data Center

Science News


Free radical-related meetings:

Free Radical / EPR Meeting

Gordon Research Conference

Oxidant Stress

Society For Free Radical Biology And Medicine's (SFRBM) Annual Meeting

Society For Free Radical Biology And Medicine's (SFRBM) Upcoming Meetings  

Virtual Free Radical School








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