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Contact Information


GCO Contact Telephone Number Email Address Sponsor Type Other
Cheryl Frank 414-955-8563   Administrative Contact; Intake; Compliance Review
Jennifer Ward 414-955-7558 • Internal
• Various
• Endowment
NIH subawards (outgoing); State subawards (outgoing)
Stacie Mattson, MA 414-955-4452 • Non-Profit
• State
Michelle Humphreys, MPA 414-955-4761 • Federal*
• Federal
Non-NIH Federal subawards; Grants Transfers (in) and Closeouts
Jill Landrum 414-955-8759 • Federal*
• Federal
Non-NIH Federal subawards; Federal Contracts
Vince Bauer, JD 414-955-8507 • Federal*
• Federal
Non-NIH Federal subawards
April Haverty, JD 414-955-4844 • For-Profit Confidentiality Agreements (CDA); Material Transfer Agreements (MTA); Data Use Agreements (DUA)

*Detailed information about how Federal applications and awards will be reviewed and processed is available in a separate document entitled, GCO Assignments by Federal Sponsor*

Office of Grants and Contracts Contact Information

Phone: 414-955-8563

Fax:     414-955-6552


Location: MACC Fund Research Center (MFRC) 3070

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NIH May 25, 2014 Deadlines Changed

The NIH will be shutting down the eRA Commons system over Memorial Day weekend this year for a major upgrade.

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