Allison J. Kriegel, PhD

Allison J. Kriegel, PhDAssistant Professor

Department of Physiology

"In 2004 I applied to the PhD program in the Department of Physiology at MCW because of their strong research programs in cardiovascular and renal physiology. After working as a laboratory technician for several years, I realized that in order to fully explore my interest in cardiovascular physiology and disease it would be necessary to receive graduate training in this area.

As a graduate student in the Department of Physiology I received outstanding training from my PhD advisor, Dr. Andrew Greene, as well as all faculty members in the Department of Physiology. Early in the program we explored physiological systems and different approaches for studying them. In addition, we learned about advanced molecular and genomic approaches to study physiology and pathophysiology.

Our learning was enhanced by many opportunities to meet with other students and professors in small groups. My dissertation project evolved during this time period and, with invaluable guidance from my advisor, I focused primarily on completing this project in the 3rd and 4th years of the program. Throughout my graduate training, and in subsequent years, MCW faculty and staff have remained extremely supportive in fostering my growth as a researcher."

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