Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences Handbook

Medical College of Wisconsin Mission Statement

To be a national leader in the education and development of the next generation of physicians and scientists; to discover and translate new knowledge in the biomedical sciences; to provide cutting-edge, interdisciplinary and compassionate clinical care of the highest quality; to improve the health of the communities we serve.

Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences Mission Statement

The Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences at the Medical College of Wisconsin has as its primary mission the provision of graduate study and research training opportunities for degree-seeking students wishing to study in an interdisciplinary environment and desiring to achieve intellectually stimulating careers in the biomedical sciences.

Statements of Purpose
  1. Approve and supervise quality graduate educational programs consistent with freedom of inquiry and student welfare.
  2. Recruit and retain excellent graduate students, including minority students, from a large pool of candidates.
  3. Financially support graduate students competitively with other institutions.
  4. Provide access of students to highly-skilled faculty in adequately-staffed graduate programs.
  5. Make supportive academic counseling and research mentoring available to students.
  6. Furnish course and laboratory work in the biomedical sciences that yield a productive graduate educational experience.
  7. Ensure engagement of students in a high quality research program under the supervision of a mentor and committee of graduate faculty.
  8. Assess student performance according to defined criteria and standards.
  9. Facilitate offers of rewarding postdoctoral and employment positions to graduates.
  10. In all activities, ensure freedom of inquiry and equity of resource access for all graduate students and members of the graduate faculty.

If you have questions or concerns about any of the information contained within the Student and Faculty handbook, or would like to obtain a hard copy of the handbook, you may contact the Graduate School.


Application information, categories, procedures, re-activation, transfer from another graduate school and transfer of credit information.

Medical College of Wisconsin Policies

Links to MCW policy descriptions that pertain to Graduate Students


Requirements and process, technical standards, procedures, offers of admission, international applicants and minority admissions.

Faculty Tools

Course credit calculations, proposals (courses, graduate certificate, graduate program) change in title, content or credit hours, role of the PhD mentor, role of the master's degree mentor


Course Offerings for the current semester and important dates and information about registration.

Committees of the Graduate School

Committees of the Graduate School

Completion of Programs

Information on all of the steps involved in completing a program, including requirements and timelines.


Forms used within the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

Graduate School Policies and Procedures

Policies and procedures pertaining to graduate students.

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