General Information

Students must register during the intervals indicated on the academic calendar. Registration for the fall, spring and summer sessions begins in July, November and April, respectively; registration is typically open for 4 weeks. Consent of the instructor is required for courses.

• Information regarding registration will be communicated to students via MCW e-mail.

• All students are to register online within the published registration window. It is the student's obligation to complete registration correctly and in a timely manner.

• A $100 late fee is assessed for anyone registering after the specified date and time. It may not be possible to fulfill all late registration requests.

• Registration as a full-time student is specified as:
o at least 9 credits per semester during the Fall and Spring, and;
o at least 6 credits during the Summer session

All full-time PhD degree seekers must be continuously enrolled full-time.

• Registration as a part-time student is specified as:
1) 1 to 8 credits during the Fall and Spring, and;
2) 1 to 5 credits during the Summer session.

• Audit: An applicant who wants to audit courses without earning credit must apply and be admitted as a non-degree seeker. Students may change from credit to audit status during the period extending from the first day of class through the time period that consists of a total of 10% of the length of the course. Please consult the current academic calendar for these deadlines. Auditors are expected to attend all classes but are not required to complete written course assignments or examinations. Registration as an auditor will be voided if the auditor fails to attend all classes.

• Continuing Status: This form of registration is available to students who have completed all of their required course work including Thesis or Dissertation credits but have not yet completed the writing of the Thesis or Dissertation. A student may be permitted to register for Continuing Status for a total of 12 consecutive months. During this 1 year period, the student must complete their thesis or dissertation and submit a final copy to the Graduate School within the deadlines established for graduation. While on Continuing Status, students who have received stipends may continue to do so at the discretion of their program. Students remaining on stipend will continue to receive health insurance through the College; students not receiving a stipend are eligible under COBRA regulations to continue at their own expense any pre-existing health insurance provided by the College.

Tuition scholarships remain in force for students on Continuing Status if they are receiving a stipend and enrollment will be considered full time. All other Continuing Status students must make full payment ($225) at the time of registration and will be considered enrolled less than half time.

Registering at Other Schools

Graduate courses at these neighboring institutions are available without payment of tuition to fulltime, degree-seeking students provided:

  • The course is not available at MCW.

  • The course is a graduate level course, relevant to the MCW degree program to which the student has been admitted, and the student’s primary advisor recommends that the student take the course.

  • All requests to register for courses at a neighboring institution must be made through the Medical College of Wisconsin Graduate School before registration can occur. If a student fails to follow the procedure, tuition charges from the neighboring institution will be incurred by the student.

  • Requests are subject to review by the Dean of the Graduate School for final approval.

Graduate courses taken under the terms described above are recorded on the student’s Graduate School transcript, are counted as credits taken off campus and, if awarded a letter grade, affect the student’s GPA.

Undergraduate courses, which are prerequisites for admission, should be taken before the graduate program is started. Undergraduate courses taken at neighboring institutions are not eligible for tuition waiver or Graduate School credit. In exceptional circumstances, the Graduate School or program may help students enroll for needed undergraduate courses at neighboring institutions. Tuition charges will be the responsibility of the student.

English as a Second Language

If a student requires English language instruction, it may be obtained in the “English as a Second Language (ESL)” program at the University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee. The cost of the program is paid by the student. A Graduate School program may require a student to enroll in an ESL program if English language deficiencies interfere with the student’s progress.

Tuition and Fees

The Medical College of Wisconsin’s Graduate Student Tuition Payment Policy requires payment in full of tuition and fees upon registration for each semester of attendance. Payment is due by the end of the Registration Period or 10 calendar days after the date of registration, whichever is later. The Registration Period for each semester is shown on the Academic Calendar.

Payment may be made online by credit card, debit card, or by transfer from a bank or money market account. Payment may be made in person by cash or check at the MCW Bursar’s Office (MEB; M3170). Checks should be made payable to the Medical College of Wisconsin and may be mailed to the Bursar’s Office. The correct mailing address is: Bursar’s Office, attn: Jean Sunby, Medical College of Wisconsin, 8701 Watertown Plank Road, Milwaukee, WI 53226. Checks must be received within the time limits indicated above or a late fee will apply.

Students who are full-time employees at the Medical College of Wisconsin must pay their tuition at the time of registration. Employees should contact the Benefits Office to initiate tuition reimbursement under the employee benefits plan.

Payment of tuition at time of registration is not required for the following:

  • Marquette University and University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee students covered by the tuition reciprocity agreement.

  • Students receiving Graduate School Scholarships in the amount of tuition due.

  • Students receiving departmental scholarships in an amount equal to or greater than the tuition due. However, documentation must be received by the Bursar’s Office by the end of the registration period or a late fee will apply.

  • Students who have applied for loans through the Medical College of Wisconsin Student Financial Services Office in an amount equal to or greater than the tuition due (see Financial Aid below).

Late fees apply as follows:

  • $100 – A Late Registration Fee applies if registration is not completed during the Registration Period.

  • $100 – A Late Payment Fee applies if payment is not made online or received by the Bursar’s Office by the end of the Registration Period or ten (10) calendar days after the date of registration, whichever is later.

Note that it is possible to incur both a Late Registration Fee and a Late Payment Fee.

Tuition Payments:

A student who has submitted a completed application for loans through the MCW Financial Aid Office in an amount equal to or greater than the tuition and fees due is not required to pay tuition until the funds have been made available to him/her. Payment is, however, due at the Bursar’s Office within 10 calendar days of the funds being made available, and the $100 Late Payment Fee applies if payment is not received within that time. Deferral of tuition and fees payment as described herein is contingent on the student completing all required paperwork for the loan in an accurate and timely manner. Students should consult the MCW Financial Aid Office for procedures and deadlines.

Any difference between the amount of the loan application and the tuition and fees due must be paid by the end of the Registration Period or within 10 calendar days of registration, whichever is later.

All students receiving loan assistance must participate in an exit interview. A hold will be placed on the student’s Academic Record and he/she will not be allowed to graduate if the exit interview is not completed.

Registration and Credit are Denied for Non-Payment of Tuition or Fees:

If full payment of tuition and fees, including late fees, is not made within 20 calendar days after the end of the Registration Period, then the Medical College of Wisconsin shall withdraw the non-paying student from the rolls of the College. For students requesting financial aid, withdrawal from enrollment will occur 20 days after the loan funds have been made available to the student if full payment has not been made.

A student shall receive no academic credit for classes in which the student was enrolled during a period for which tuition and fees were not paid in full.

Withdrawal decisions may be appealed by contacting the Senior Vice President of Finance within 5 business days of the date of notice of intent to withdraw.

Refund Policy:

If a student takes a leave of absence, withdraws from a course or school, drops a course, resigns, or is dismissed, tuition will be refunded based upon the amount of tuition due less the percentage of days enrolled up to 60%. After the 60% time, no refund will be issued. If tuition has not been fully paid, the student remains responsible for unpaid balances, calculated as described above. For courses that do not run the full semester (e.g., courses offered as 6 week modules within a semester), the percentage of days enrolled will be calculated based on the days within the semester that the course is offered.
If a refund is due to a student who received financial aid during the current payment period, the amount of the refund will normally be used to reimburse the financial aid program(s) first.
Refunds will be made to Financial Aid Programs according to Federal Regulations. Any remaining funds will be refunded to the student.

Study at Sites Other than the Medical College of Wisconsin:

If a student will be doing studies at another institution, arrangements for payment of tuition and fees due, including the crediting of pending loan funds, must be made with the Business and Finance Office prior to departure.


The add/drop period for courses is 2 weeks from the beginning of the Fall and Spring semesters or from the start of the class, whichever is later. For the Summer session, the add/drop period is 1 week. Change of registration must be requested through the student’s EASI account by the deadline indicated. Students who drop a course within the add/drop period receive no grade and the course does not appear on their transcript. *Timelines are prorated for classes of shorter duration.

Course Withdrawal

During the Fall and Spring semesters, students who withdraw from a course after 2 weeks and before 4 weeks after the semester begins will receive a "W" grade on their academic transcript. For the Summer session, the withdrawal period is after 1 week and before 2 weeks. Change of registration must be requested through the student’s EASI account by the deadline indicated.
*Timelines are prorated for classes of shorter duration.

Tuition Reimbursement for MCW Staff

The MCW Staff Tuition Reimbursement Policy.

Doctoral Program Stipends
  • It is the policy of the Graduate School and the Graduate Studies Council that: (1) all eligible PhD degree candidates in good academic standing receive a graduate stipend and; (2) that within each department/program, the stipend level should be uniform among all eligible students at a comparable level of training. It is the goal of the Graduate School that all eligible students are compensated equitably.
  • Stipends for doctoral program graduate students are set as follows: The Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences monitors stipend levels nationally and particularly at peer schools. Based on that information the Dean of the Graduate School makes a recommendation to both the Basic Science Department Chairs and the Graduate Studies Council regarding any change in stipend level. The Dean conveys the views of the Basic Science Chairs to the Graduate Studies Council, and the Graduate Studies Council votes to accept or alter the proposed change. The decision of the Graduate Studies Council is submitted by the Dean to the Budget Committee of the College.

The Graduate School and Graduate Studies Council acknowledge that in some instances, "market factors" may require setting a higher stipend level to remain competitive with other programs. Therefore, each program has the option of establishing an annual stipend level for any or all of its students who have been advanced to PhD candidacy at a level which is no greater than 20% above that established by the Graduate Studies Council. Before a stipend can be increased, the Dean of the Graduate School must certify the student is eligible for such increase and grant approval.

Financial Aid Office-Loans

View our loan information (PDF)

Health Insurance Requirements

All full-time MCW degree-seeking students are required to have health insurance. Some students are covered under health insurance policies of their parents, spouses or full-time employer. Proof of coverage is required. Those who are not otherwise covered are required to enroll in the plan offered by MCW.

The annual premium for single coverage will be paid by the College for all full-time PhD seeking students. The student, at his/her own expense, may acquire insurance under the same plan for his/her spouse and/or family. The Graduate Student Association has also voted to require single coverage dental and vision insurance for all full-time students enrolled in the health insurance plan. The cost of this additional coverage is borne by the student and is collected through payroll deduction from the stipend.

Health Service

The Medical College of Wisconsin wishes to ensure that all students have access to excellent health care. Immunizations and necessary testing are provided, and immunization records are maintained in the Student Health Administrative Area at the Curative building. These services are available only to full-time degree-seeking students. A clinic card is required, which may be obtained by application to the Student Health Service. Dependents must also have a card to obtain services.

The clinic card may be used to obtain services from Froedtert Hospital. For appointments call (414) 805-6644.

Mental Health Services

The Medical College of Wisconsin recognizes that students work hard, long and responsibly. We are aware that schedules, sleepless nights, difficult decisions and time demands can produce a variety of stresses in students, residents and their families.

Because we are aware of the life challenges associated with professional training, the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine has devised a program to serve the needs of our students and their loved ones.

Services Offered
Services for students include preventive care as well as counseling therapy, psychiatric or psychological evaluations, and medication management.

We ensure that students and their families have quick and confidential access to psychiatrists, psychologists, and other clinicians within the MCW Preferred Care Organization plan.

Our providers have a wide range of expertise and offer many effective treatment modalities.

Our aim is to provide the highest quality mental health care to students and their families.

When to Call
Our practitioners can provide support for issues related to: anxiety, depression, Attention Deficit Disorder, substance abuse, eating disorders, stress management, career problems, major mental illnesses, marital concerns, sexual dysfunction, grief management, as well as child, adolescent and family concerns.

Needs arising outside of normal daytime hours can be addressed through our emergency contact phone number (available 24 hours, 7 days a week) at (414) 507-9589.

Privacy Protection
Many safeguards are in place to ensure privacy and confidentiality regarding inquiries and treatment. Our referral program provides easy access to information regarding benefits, choice of clinician, and available treatments through one direct, confidential phone number: (414) 955-8933.

Our Locations
The two primary locations for services provided for our students are:

Tosa Center
1155 North Mayfair Road
Milwaukee, WI 53226
(corner of Watertown Plank and Hwy 100)

Columbia Center for Psychotherapies
Columbia Hospital
2025 East Newport Avenue
Milwaukee, WI 53211

In addition, we have several providers who practice in locations throughout the Milwaukee area. For further information regarding providers and sites of care, please call Carolyn Bischel, MS, LPC, our Referral Coordinator, at (414) 955-8933.

Student Benefits

Outpatient Mental Health Services

The Student Mental Health Service through the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine provides the first 8 session, per academic year, for free. After the eighth session, it is the students’ responsibility to contact his/her insurance company to determine benefits with the current provider or to select a new in-network provider. Depending on the insurance plan the student has enrolled in will determine benefits. Outpatient therapy services in network on the HMO plan are paid at 100%. Outpatient services received out of the HMO network are not covered. Outpatient therapy services provided in network on the PPO are paid at 100% after a specialist office visit copay. Outpatient therapy services received out of the PPO network are paid at 70% after the deductible. These benefits are subject to the state mandated number of visits per year. It is the students’ responsibility to confirm with the insurance carrier the number of visits allowed.

Inpatient Mental Health Services

It is the student’s responsibility to call regarding insurance coverage, as preferred inpatient facilities vary depending on the insurance plan under which the student is covered.

Students are welcome to call (414) 955-8933 with additional questions regarding benefits.

Contact Numbers

Referral Coordinator: Carolyn Bischel, MS, LPC
(414) 955-8933
(414) 955-6295 (fax)
Referral Hours: 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday

Program Director: Leandrea Lamberton, MD
(414) 955-8900
(414) 955-6295 (fax)

Humana Insurance Liaison: Barb Nelson
(262) 347-4425
(262) 513-1090 (fax)

Humana Customer Service
800) 448-6262

Emergency Contact (24 hours a day, 7 days a week)
(414) 507-9589

Cobra Insurance

(Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act)

When a graduate student completes his/her studies at the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, the student has the opportunity to continue his/her current insurance coverage for a period of up to eighteen (18) months in length via COBRA insurance. The individual selecting to continue his/her insurance coverage in this manner is responsible for all of the payments related to the COBRA insurance. (Currently monthly premium costs are given to student at that time).

If the student would like to continue his/her insurance coverage via the COBRA insurance, student will need to submit a check by the 1st of the month, for the premiums covering that month. The check should be made payable to the Medical College of Wisconsin and mailed to:

Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences
Medical College of Wisconsin
8701 Watertown Plank Road
Milwaukee, WI 53226

Student will have a thirty (30) day grace period in which to make the payment after which, if payment still has not been received the insurance coverage will be stopped for non-payment. Each payment must be made by the first of the month.

Student's decision to either continue insurance coverage via COBRA, or to waive continuation of his/her coverage will need to be confirmed at the bottom of the form given to the student. Student needs to complete the form, being sure to sign and date it prior to returning it to the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences.

For questions call (414) 955-5670.

MCW E-mail Address Requirements

All communication to Graduate Students occurs via the use of MCW e-mail addresses, which students are required to use throughout enrollment as a student. Please note YOU ARE REQUIRED TO USE YOUR MCW E-MAIL ACCOUNT FOR ALL MCW ACTIVITIES.

An exception is made only for students in our joint degree programs who have been assigned the use of an institutional e-mail address from Marquette, MSOE or UWM which will be used.

Microsoft Outlook:

Upon admission to the Graduate School, an e-mail account will be solicited on your behalf, and both a user name and password will be communicated to you directly with explicit directions from the MCW IS department to your home e-mail address.

Access MCW e-mail:

  • “User name” enter your new MCW e-mail address (first initial last name)
  • “Password” enter the default password assigned by IS.

Change your password.- Scroll down to “options” in lower left corner.
1. Account – your user name
2. Domain – mcwcorp
3. Password – needs to be at least 8 characters

For assistance accessing your MCW e-mail, please contact the MCW IS help desk at (414) 955-4357 or

D2L E-Learning Platform

Every student will also use D2L, the e-learning platform, for courses and course evaluations. A D2L account will be created for you. Directions with username and password will be sent to your MCW e-mail address.

All students must complete end of course evaluations via D2L. Failure to do so will result in an academic hold being placed on your record. Further information on this policy can be found in the Graduate School Course Policy section of this handbook, entitled “Course Evaluations.”

For technical assistance with D2L, please contact

MCW Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

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